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Why Your Child Should Read for 20 Minutes Every Day: Helpful Tips for Parents

There are many reasons why your child should read for 20 minutes every day, and you should take advantage of them.

The problem is, in this day and age, kids would rather spend their time on gaming, online browsing, and social media. It’s harder than ever to convince them to pick up a good book or other reading material. As a result, most kids are missing out.

The good news is that there are many ways to motivate children to take up reading. One example is by using online resources like ChildrenLearningReading.com.

Before we discuss this helpful reading program, let us take a closer look at what’s in it for your child. 

Why Your Child Should Read for 20 Minutes Every Day

Reading takes a lot of commitment from both the child and the parents. Still, once your child overcomes the challenges and picks up the habit, it will open up many exciting opportunities. Some of the most important ones are as follows:

Stimulates the Imagination

When kids read, the words on the pages help them create a mental picture, strengthening their minds like a muscle.

Research shows that it activates the part of their brain that supports narrative comprehension. That is why reading is one of the best ways to stimulate your child’s imagination, which is very important.

Imagination is the seed that grows into new ideas over time. It pushes children to discover and understand their surroundings, helping them come up with innovations when they grow into adulthood. It is more effective than letting them watch videos where the images are just being fed to them.

Boosts Creativity

Creativity is closely linked to imagination. When kids let their imaginations run free, it allows them to create and explore an entire world on their own.

Here, they can face unique situations, interact with characters, and process thoughts that they haven’t encountered yet in real life. Even better, they can do so safely and with the guidance of their parents.

All of these experiences will help them become more creative in the future.

Helps Develop Empathy

Kids are in a stage of their lives where they are still learning how to think for themselves. At this point, they need to develop empathy, and this is where reading can help. It exposes them to different situations and encourages them to ask relevant questions.

Why did the character decide to do one thing instead of the other? How would I feel if I were in the same situation?

By discussing these things, your child will learn to consider how other people think, making them more compassionate. It will help strengthen their capability to socialize and build strong relationships when they grow up, applicable to their school life and, eventually, professional and personal lives. 

Exposes the Child To Other Cultures

Kids have limited real-life experiences, but this does not mean they cannot learn from other people’s experiences. That is why your child should read for 20 minutes every day.

Reading exposes kids to other cultures. It gives them a better understanding and, more importantly, appreciation of what is happening to a world outside of their own. 

Kids who are aware of other ways of life are more likely to become more understanding and open-minded adults.

learn why your child should read for 20 minutes every day

Enhances Their Vocabulary

Reading is one of the best ways for children to increase their vocabulary. Investing just 20 minutes every day amounts to 3,600 minutes for the whole school year. This translates to a whopping 1,800,000 words

With excellent vocabulary skills, your child will be able to communicate more effectively. It will lead to success at school, work, or personal relationships. 

Improves Writing Skills

Aside from having stronger communication skills, having a good vocabulary will vastly improve your child’s writing skills. It’s essential whether your child is still in school or down the road when they start working.

It will help them explain their ideas more clearly to a broader audience. That is especially true given today’s technology, as written materials can easily be posted online, emailed, or shared in any manner.

Good writing skills will help them make a good impression and put them in a better position to succeed.

Reduces Stress and Promotes Sleep

Kids are actually under more stress than some people and even parents. They are always learning and dealing with pressure from school.

There is also some level of anxiety from social situations where they are trying to fit in. This is true whatever age your child is in.

As a result, they can have difficulty getting sleep, especially if they are worked up about something. Sleeping is an effective way for kids to decompress in preparation for sleeping, especially if they do it with a parent.

Leads To Academic Success

Perhaps the biggest reason any parent encourages their kids to read is that it leads to academic success. Studies have shown that students who spend at least 20 minutes reading daily do better in standardized tests. To be more specific, they manage to get scores that are in the 90th percentile range.

The ChildrenLearningReading.com Program

The ChildrenLearningReading.com can be a very effective tool for kids trying to acquire the core literacy skill of reading. It provides an opportunity for one-on-one learning, which allows children to progress at their own pace.

If they find a specific lesson difficult, they can take as much time as they need without feeling any pressure.

The reading program is designed to be highly enjoyable and engaging for kids, maximizing its effectiveness. Parents can also track the progress of their kids and make the needed adjustments along the way.

The results vary from one child to another, but progress is virtually guaranteed.

The Importance of Reading Every Day

Reading every day is a good habit for any child to develop early. It comes with a long list of benefits that apply not only during childhood but well into adulthood.

Investing 20 minutes a day is a small sacrifice, considering that your child has everything to gain. Make sure you also look for resources like ChildrenLearningReading.com to help you out.

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