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Motorola Baby Monitor Reviews

Technology has changed everything – even parenting. As modern parents, we are spoilt for choice with the types and variations of accessories we have at our disposal when we’re raising our children.

There’s one single device that stands out from the crowd. It engenders deep peace of mind with parents. That is, of course, the baby monitor.

And with great tech and tremendous design forethought, Motorola is leading the pack in bringing the most innovative and feature-packed baby monitors to market.

The high-end, high-tech products from Motorola have high-definition cameras and super-sensitive microphones to watch over a baby like it was the company’s own.

And they have all kinds of other products in pre-production at the time of writing. Imagine night vision and a camera that can zoom and tilt the room. Watch this space. Motorola’s innovation is on fire!

The Best Motorola Baby Monitors

If you’re having a hard time deciding which Motorola baby monitor is most suited to your lifestyle and needs, we’ve done a little bit of legwork for you.

We’ve compiled a list of the best Motorola products, and we’ll be looking at their ups and their downs, what they do well and what they do less well, and their features in this article.

Our list is:

  1. Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor
  2. Motorola Comfort75 Video Baby Monitor
  3. Motorola MBP855 Connect-2 Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor
  4. Motorola Comfort85 WiFi Video Baby Monitor
  5. Motorola MBP50-G2 Portable Video Baby Monitor

All of these monitors are great, and they offer a wide array of functions and features. Let’s get to know more about these baby monitors.

#1 Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Halo+ Video Baby Monitor - Infant Wi-Fi Camera with Overhead Crib Mount - 4.3-Inch Color Screen with Infrared Night Vision and Intercom - Compatible with Remote Viewing App and Sleep Tracker


There are two excellent cameras in this unit. And it also has a whole bunch of really useful features built into the monitor. It is undoubtedly one of the best Motorola has ever brought to market.


  • You can monitor your baby from anywhere – provided you have your smartphone with you.
  • The display is something to behold – it’s a real-time feed on a color screen in the best imaginable resolution.
  • It has a night vision feature that lets you see your baby even when it is dark in the room.
  • The smart sleep assistant monitors your baby’s sleeping time, diaper changes, pumping sessions, and the number of feeds.
  • The unit is a 2-way system so that you can hear your baby, but it can hear you too. You can soothe your baby with your voice while you’re on the way to the room.
  • The monitor has a night light – and a little projector. This is really nifty because it will cast slow-moving images in the room that will gently put your baby to sleep.
  • It pairs easily with other products in the Motorola range


  • The bundle includes everything you need
  • The companion app on your phone or tablet will let you monitor everything in your baby’s room
  • It has two-way communication


  • It’s expensive

#2 Motorola Comfort75 Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Comfort75-2 Video Baby Monitor - Infant Wireless Camera with Remote Pan, Digital Zoom, Temperature Sensor - 5 Inch LCD Color Screen Display with Two-Way Intercom, Night Vision - 1000ft Range


This unit is stacked with features yet comes at a reasonable price. It’s a great value proposition for the versatility it has. It comes with a 5-inch display, which is full-color LCD screen. It comes with infrared tech that make sure the video feed remains clear even after the lights are dimmed.


  • You can remotely pan the wireless camera for a full view of the baby’s room.
  • It has a digital zoom – up to two times.
  • The 2-way intercom allows the baby to hear your voice
  • The microphones in the baby’s side of the unit are ultra-sensitive – you’ll be able to hear the slightest sounds the baby makes
  • It comes with the Smart Sleep Assistant – this monitors everything about the baby


  • The wireless monitor has a crystal-clear picture
  • There is a two-times zoom feature
  • The camera has infrared night vision
  • The 2-way communication allows you to soothe your baby when you’re out of the room


  • The battery doesn’t last long

#3 Motorola MBP855 Connect-2 Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor

Motorola MBP855CONNECT Portable 5-Inch Color Screen Video Baby Monitor with Wi-Fi and One Camera, White


If you need versatility, this is a convenient and affordable model. It is wireless – can be viewed in a standard setup or from your smart device, which is very convenient. It has a 5-inch LCD screen. The two-way monitor allows you to speak to your baby at the touch of a smart screen.


  • It has built-in lullabies – five of them – for if you can’t sing to your baby.
  • You can expand the system up to four cameras
  • It has a maximum range of one thousand feet


  • You can get it in a bundle of 2 lightweight cameras
  • The LCD screen is sharp, vibrant, and detailed, even with night vision
  • 2-way communication is instant and crisp
  • You can view the baby through a tablet or phone
  • You can control the video remotely


  • It’s pricey

#4 Motorola Comfort85 WiFi Video Baby Monitor

Motorola COMFORT85 Connect Video Baby & Home Monitor with 5" HD Display and Wi-Fi Viewing, Digital Tilt and Zoom, Remote Pan Scan, Night Vision and Mood Lighting


This unit is compatible with a whole host of smart devices and various apps. You’ll be able to check on your baby, even when you’re not even in the country!

The ultra-sensitive camera and microphone will capture every detail in your sleeping baby’s room. You can also pan the camera to get a full view of the baby’s room.


  • The 5-inch LCD unit is rechargeable.
  • The camera has infrared night vision, so you can observe your baby even when the lights are off.
  • The Hubble app will give you great parenting and sleep tips and also acts as a development and growth monitor.


  • Images from the camera are really clear
  • You can control the camera – zoom, and pan
  • You can expand the system to accommodate up to four compatible cameras
  • It is compatible with PCs, tablets, and smart devices
  • Plays well with Amazon Alexa
  • Plays well with Google Assistant
  • The two-way comms feature has a really remarkable range


  • The monitor occasionally takes some time to connect via wireless

#5 Motorola MBP50-G2 Portable Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Video Baby Monitor - 2 Wide Angle HD Cameras with Infrared Night Vision and Remote Pan, Tilt, Zoom - 5-Inch LCD Color Display with Split Screen View, Room Temperature and Sound Alert MBP50-G2


This unit has dual cameras, each with remote control. The adjustability and the ability to move the cameras remotely allow you to see the baby’s entire room.

The 2-way communication feature allows you to speak to your baby even when you’re not in the room. Both the cameras and the microphone arc super-sensitive. They pick up the slightest movement and sound.


  • The monitor has two portable cameras. You can place them differently and watch both feeds at once
  • You can pan, tilt or zoom the cameras remotely with the parent unit
  • The video feed is absolutely real-time – and is displayed on the 5-inch LCD screen or a mobile device.
  • Infrared night vision means your baby is never out of sight, even after the lights are off.
  • It pairs easily with other compatible devices


  • Really clear images from the cameras
  • Cameras can zoom, tilt, and pan
  • You can expand the system with up to two additional cameras
  • Compatible with PCs, tablets, and other smart devices
  • Plays with Google Assistant
  • Plays well with Amazon Alexa


  • Monitor on the parental unit sometimes has connection issues

Things to Consider When Buying A Baby Monitor

What Will Work in Your House?

Compare the range on your monitor with the size of your house before you make a purchase. Make sure that it will be able to do what you need it to.

In older homes, the electricals are often different, and the walls are thicker – these factors may all influence the quality and strength of the signal.

Consider the Types of Available Monitors.

You have two choices here—those with video and audio and those with audio-only.

The feature/price equation will also come into play here

Monitors with Audio Only

Most of these have a feature that works with tiny LED lights. The higher the volume of sound that comes from your baby’s environment, the more frantically the light on the parental unit will light up.

The audio-only models are always substantially cheaper than those with video functionality.

Monitors with Both Audio and Video

Monitors like these are typically placed on a tabletop close to the baby’s crib. They transmit images to a parental monitor or to a smartphone app.

Monitors That Work Over A Wireless Network

Many of the more cutting-edge monitors will access your home’s wireless network and broadcast an audio and video signal over that. It makes the compatibility with smart devices great.

Motorola Baby Monitor Reviews

Handy Features

Cost-effective audio monitors have served their purpose. The whole world is high-tech now, and baby monitors are no different. Here are a couple of features that may or may not steal your heart!

Video Functionality

Video is not absolutely crucial to have, but it does increase your ability to keep tabs on your baby. Most of the video systems also now feature infrared – which means you can watch your baby even after the lights are out.

These systems typically have a parental LCD screen, but with a wireless feature, you can also use PCs, smart devices, or tablets to monitor your baby. You can even do it from work!

A Built-In Temperature Monitor

Some monitors have a thermometer built into the unit that monitors the temperature inside the room. You’ll be warned immediately if the temperature goes up or down outside the ideal range.

Night Lights for Baby

Many units have these built-in. They either provide soft light or a light display to help your baby fall asleep. And they’re great for when you have to stumble into the room, half asleep and in the dark!

A Two-Way Communication Feature

It’s also called talk-back, and it allows your baby to hear your voice if you so choose. If you have your hands full in the kitchen and you can’t respond to the baby’s crying immediately, you can soothe the baby with your own voice until you can get there.

 A Music Player

Many of the higher-tech models have a little playlist of lullabies built-in. You can control this from your smart device or from the parental unit.

Lights That Activate When Your Baby Cries

This is great for restless babies. When your baby starts crying in the dark in the middle of the night, the monitor will automatically switch on a night light or a light display to soothe the baby until you get there.

A Series of Movement Sensors

Many of the higher-end models have this feature. It will sound an alarm if it detects no movement with your baby for a specific period. Generally, the sensor is connected to a purpose-designed pad beneath your baby’s mattress.


These little helpers have really become high-tech marvels. They do a fantastic job of setting parents’ minds at ease and using various features to calm and care for the baby when you’re not immediately there.

They really are a great investment.

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