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LeapFrog Tablet Reviews

Leapfrog tablets are a great way for kids to learn. They are affordable and fun and help kids engage in many different forms of play, such as pretending. They help kids learn fundamental things like colors and numbers.

They are designed especially for children, so kids learn how to use them quickly, and they provide lots of fun and entertainment. This article will focus on showing you some of these great tablets.

They are amazing tools that help kids develop skills in technology, build reading and number skills, and of course, teach kids that learning is fun. Let’s get started.

LeapPad Academy Kids’ Learning Tablet

LeapFrog LeapPad Academy Kids’ Learning Tablet, Green

This tablet comes in two colors, green or pink. The colors represent the durable bumpers on the side. We all know kids are a bit clumsy, so this will guard the tablet against falls and drops. It also makes it safer for kids to use.

What is This?

This Leappad Academy tablet is a learning tablet. It grows right alongside your child and comes pre-loaded with all kinds of educational content. You, as the parent, can take control of the tablet and set limits on how long your child is allowed to use the tablet, allow kid-friendly sites, and enjoy more content as they grow up.

With the Leapfrog Academy tablet, you get a free three-month trial of Leapfrog Academy. This is a learning program for kids that’s interactive, colorful, and of course, educational. It is designed for kids aged 3-6 years old and offers them progressive learning instances through thousands of fun activities.

What Do I Get with My Purchase?

Inside the box, you, of course, will get the tablet and the stylus.

Here’s what else you get:

  • Rechargeable battery that lasts 7 hours, USB cord and AC Adapter
  • 16gb storage and a microSD slot so you can expand the memory to 32GB
  • Front and dual back cameras so your child can capture videos and photos
  • LeapSearch Web Browser for kids, which brings kid-friendly content when used
  • Leapfrog App Center store, which allows you access to thousands of learning games and activities
  • A free trial to Leapfrog Academy, for three free months of access

Content on The Tablet

You definitely have the option to buy more learning apps for your child once you’ve opened and set up the tablet. But, right out of the box, the tablet is certainly a lot of fun to use. It comes with over 20 apps ready to use.

These apps focus on math, puzzle solving, reading, logic and science, and of course, having fun.

The customizable screen is another feature parents and kids enjoy, Kids get to experience creative autonomy as they pick their favorite colors and stickers for the screen. Parents love the fact that the kids can see the weather change and learn about that, too.

Bottom Line

This is Leapfrog’s first tablet, and it’s a winner for kids and parents alike. It’s a solid choice for your 3 to 6-year-old. We are confident kids a little younger or older, such as ages 2 or 7, could really enjoy this tablet all the same. It is a solid buy.

LeapPad Ultimate Ready For School

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Ready for School Tablet, Pink

These cool tablets come in white or pink. And like the other great Leapfrog products, they are designed to withstand wear and tear from kids.

This particular tablet comes pre-loaded with the Leapfrog Learning Library. This interactive and fun library grants you a huge variety of apps that will have your kids learning for hours. You also have the chance to buy cartridges that go into the tablet, just like a video game.

These cartridges are cool because they entice children into learning using favorite characters such as the PJ Masks and Disney characters.

Best of all, it’s content that is carefully examined and selected by the Leapfrog Educator team, so you can be sure it benefits and entertains your child.

Who Is This Tablet For?

This is great for preschool and kindergarten-aged children. It is designed to help them get ready for school and excel once they do arrive and start their educational journey. The tablet comes packed with school prep applications, as well as apps that promote musical learning, creativity, and artistic expression.

Learning technology called “Just For Me” is included with this tablet. This software is cool because it assesses how your child is progressing and adapts the curriculum to keep them challenged, excited, and motivated to learn.

It’s going to be a real pleasure to watch them have fun, learn, and get excited about learning as they go along.

The tablet itself is very kid-friendly. The screen is 7 inches, so it’s nice and bright for kids to enjoy and easily touch. The screen is also shatter-resistant and features those tough bumpers that can withstand kids’ roughness.

What Do I Get With My Purchase?

When you buy a Leappad Ultimate Ready For School, here’s what you get:

You, of course, get the 8GB learning tablet and stylus. Here’s what else:

  • Rechargeable battery, AC Adapter, and USB Cord
  • Camera with dual front and back lenses so your child can capture photos and video
  • LeapSearch Kid-Friendly browser which generates kid-friendly content
  • A music player which comes with ten songs to enjoy
  • Access to more than 1000 games that are all about learning, eBooks, videos, and more, all of which place a focus on music, problem-solving, expressing yourself creatively, maths, and lots more.

And, like other Leapfrog products, you can password protect the tablet, set time limits, and remain in control of what your child sees and does on the tablet.

The Bottom Line

This is a great tablet that is a little more advanced than the Leappad Academy Tablet but will absolutely keep your kindergarten or preschool-age kid smiling and learning for hours. The cartridges make great gifts for kids to unwrap at birthdays and Christmas, and you can be sure they are getting something that benefits them and doesn’t just take up space in the toy box.

LeapFrog Epic Academy Edition

LeapFrog Academy Learning Games & Activities

Like all the other awesome Leapfrog tablets, this one comes preloaded with lots of fun learning apps, and of course, the chance for parents to stay in control of what their child is learning and doing. Parents can set time limits on the tablet, and can also download thousands of kid-friendly learning apps from the Leapfrog App Center.

With this tablet, you will enjoy a three-month free trial to the Leapfrog academy, which is lots of fun for kids and very educational. It’s a great thing, but we do want to warn parents that it will automatically renew and charge to your card if you do not cancel it right.

What Do I Get?

Alongside the tablet, which is shatterproof and comes with a safety bumper, here’s what else you can look forward to.

  • Dual cameras for the capturing of videos and photos
  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • 3 GHz processor
  • Android 4.4 OS
  • 16GB memory and an SD card port for more memory if you need it
  • Fun learning games, videos, and apps- some favorites include Word of the Day, Photo Fun Ultra, and Pet Pad Party, to name a few.

What Age Is This For?

This tablet is one which will be enjoyed by preschool-age children- we’re talking ages 3 to 6, mostly, but there is no doubt that a 2 or 7-year-old could enjoy this tablet all the same. The Leapfrog Academy, on the other hand, is definitely age-specific.

The Leapfrog Academy is designed for kids in preschool or kindergarten up to first grade. You will find activities geared toward math, science, reading, and creativity, plus problem-solving and social skills. Younger kids might feel frustrated when they can’t “get” the activity or figure it out.

That being said, it opens up a great opportunity for siblings to help one another out on these fun learning games and activities.  Besides, it’s OK to challenge yourself; that’s how we build character!

Cool Feature: My Learning Lab

If your child does struggle with a certain skill or activity, the smart technology in this tablet helps them get better at it. This all takes place in My Learning Lab, which is designed to provide children with extra activities to complete after they’ve finished Learning Adventures.

They offer additional practice to kids in subjects they need some help mastering and also keeps them challenged.

The Bottom Line

This tablet is mostly pretty great. If you read reviews (and most of us certainly do!), you will find that parents mostly raved about how well their child did, and how much their kid enjoyed the tablet. I noticed a few complaints about the lack of a USB port on this particular tablet, as well as some gripes about the price of the apps, which I can understand as a parent.

All things considered, it is a solid tablet that will definitely last through the years and provide lots of fun.

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate

Once again, we have a great Leappad here for your consideration. Of course, it comes with all the good, tough, kid-safe features you have come to expect- for example; we noted it came with those awesome kid-safe bumpers that are made to withstand kids’ tough play.

You can also look forward to a colorful screen that responds well to kids’ touches.

What Do I Get?

WIth your purchase, you, of course, get the tablet included, and here’s what else:

  • AC Adapter, USB Cord, and rechargeable battery
  • Two cameras great for taking videos and photos
  • Learning apps and videos
  • LeapSearch kid-friendly browserwhich brings your child safe results
  • Music Player which comes preloaded with ten songs

What Age Is This For?

This is a unique tablet in that it is designed for kids aged 3 months to 9 years! Yes, the technology is that good- you can download apps and activities that keep kids of many years entertained.

Also, thanks to the great Just for Me technology, the tablet will grow with your child and provide them a challenging but fun experience every time they fire up the device. The technology personalizes games in ten different ways as a result of remembering your child’s progress across the games to adjust learning levels accordingly.

What Makes This One Special?

Aside from being designed to entertain and educate kids of a wide age range, it is, of course, built kid-tough. You can connect it to your wi-fi, and the screen is very easy to see, even if you are outside and the sun is shining down on the tablet.

Even at an angle, it’s easy to see what your kids are up to and how they’re coming along with their activities.

Another great feature that parents and kids enjoyed was that this tablet worked with all the older Leappad games. So, if you have a few older games and you would like to make the upgrade from an old Leappad to a new one, this is the way to go because it plays all of them.

Does This Come with Leapfrog Academy?

We double-checked with the Leapfrog website, and it appears the Leapfrog Academy is NOT accessible on this. That may be because the tablet is designed for older kids who would not be challenged by the Leapfrog Academy curriculum, but we don’t know for sure.

That being said, you can access the Leapfrog Academy on other devices. By clicking here, you can see the list of Leapfrog Academy devices.

The Bottom Line

This is a pretty solid tablet, especially if you want something that will grow with your child. Parents everywhere mostly loved the device, and kids really enjoyed it. One complaint I noticed was that kids would break the tip off the stylus and use it on the tablet, which resulted in a scratched-up screen.

So, if you get this one for your kiddos, make sure you closely watch that stylus. Aside from that, this is a tablet we love.

More About LeapFrog Academy

Over the course of this article, you probably noticed we mentioned Leapfrog Academy but didn’t really talk about it all that much. At this point, I would like to provide you an overview plus my thoughts on the app as a parent.

The app is just as we mentioned- it’s designed to help kids get introduced and used to concepts they will come into contact with at school up to first grade.

It is designed for kids aged 3-6 years old and provides children the chance to play interactive and fun games with an educational twist. These games promote skills in math, science, reading, learning, and much more.

The app contains over a THOUSAND activities geared toward helping your child learn. They will enjoy kid-friendly ebooks, puzzles, videos, and fun games.

I Have more than one child. Can they play on the same account?

Yes, as a parent with three kiddos, I know how it is to buy multiples of everything to ensure fairness and reduce the amount of quarreling that goes on in the house. The good news is that you can add up to five profiles onto one Leapfrog Academy account.

This is a great value and helps you avoid having to buy multiple memberships. It’s also great because it promotes autonomy in the children. Their profile matches their unique learning level. They create and customize their very own avatar, and then go on to earn rewards that only count toward their specific learning profile.

What Is a typical Leapfrog Academy Session Like?

My child, who is three, played on the tablet recently, and I wrote down a few things they encountered during their session. The Learning Adventure they started centered on letters, numbers, and words, and they had no issues whatsoever getting started with it.

The little avatar, or character that my child and I created moved about the screen and collected little marbles as he moved through his Learning Adventure. Then the marble showed up again when it was time to go to the next activity.

The Learning Adventure Island is bright and fun, and as your child completes various games and activities, new zones open up, which grants them even more access to educational fun.

My child is currently working on an activity called Intro to Pre Kindergarten. The games are bright and positive. They are patient, and kids generally don’t get too frustrated playing them, but I have been asked for help a few times. “Because I don’t get it.”

This helps me encourage my kid to keep trying, and I have the chance to reassure him he is a smart kiddo, that challenges in life are normal.

Even the older kids enjoy it; my child’s six-year-old cousin thought the tablet was super cool, and by the end of her visit, was asking my brother for a Leappad for her birthday.

Leapfrog tablets

What Can Parents Do With Leappad Academy?

You can pretty much let your kids go wild with this tablet. It’s all clean and kid-safe stuff, so no need to worry about them stumbling onto something unsavory.

That being said, you, as the parent, have full control over their activities on this tablet. It’s all in the Parent Dashboard. Once you are there, you can do the following:

  • See what new games and activities are open in My Learning lab
  • Pick out and alter Learning Adventures
  • Switch them onto a New Learning Adventure
  • Manage your child’s profile

It’s easy to click on each section of the Learning Adventure and see what your kids are up to. You Can also get ideas on how to keep the learning going even after the tablet has been turned off, and it’s time to play outside or with friends.

Do I Recommend It?


As a parent of 3, yes. I like this app, and the kids definitely have fun with it. It keeps them busy on rainy days, and when I am in need of some peace whilst working or sorting out household matters, this keeps them learning and quiet.

And, I don’t feel as much parent guilt as I do when I let my kids zone out in front of the TV (hey, we’ve all been there- days when we just couldn’t handle the stress and decided to let TV take over for a bit).

In a nutshell? I like that my kids are learning, that they are gaining valuable school skills, and that it gets me a bit of peace and quiet during the day.

It lets youngsters that will be going to kindergarten get ready for that experience. They will have an advantage as they get started learning the new concepts their teacher shows them, involving numbers, letters, and shapes.

What Has My Kid Learned?

So far, with this tablet, all my kids have learned some great stuff. The three-year-old has learned things that will be great for Kindergarten.

He has learned:

  • Colors and their names
  • Basic math concepts like subtraction and addition
  • Shapes
  • How to spell his name
  • Uppercase and lowercase letters, and how to write them

It doesn’t take much time, either. My kids spend about 30 or so minutes on their Leappads every day, give or take a few minutes, and the progress they’ve made has been excellent.

Anything Else You Recommend?

I recommend that you interact with your child as the lessons play out. It’s a nice chance to interact with your child, but also great for you to keep them encouraged.

On another note, I also recommend you check out the Children Learning Reading website for more great resources on helping your child learn to read and gain other fundamental school skills.


Thank you for taking the time to read this review. Your family is going to love the Leappad line of products because they are truly the educational toys parents and kids alike dream of. Aside from fundamental skills, your kids learn how to use technology, enjoy fun games, and, best of all, YOU as the parent can share in the experience. It’s a great value all around.

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