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LeapFrog Reviews

The earlier that your kids learn reading and writing, the smarter they’ll be. Homeschooling your little one on reading and writing skills before they go to preschool prepares them for what’s ahead and equips them with vital learning skills.

Little children as young as two years old can start learning how to read fluently and write, so you should start teaching yours as soon as possible.

In today’s blog, I’ll review LeapFrog, a provider of learning resources for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

Read this review to the end to discover various products that can help your kid develop reading and writing skills from an early age so they’ll become proficient learners in the future.

8 Best LeapFrog Learning Products for Your Kid

LeapFrog has been providing learning tablets, developing games, and read and write systems for kids for more than 20 years.

Their interactive learning toys encourage kids to learn and build their confidence. Here are 8 of their best kids’ products:

#1   LeapStart 3D Interactive Learning System

LeapFrog LeapStart 3D Interactive Learning System, Green

Kids get to learn with 3D-like animations with the LeapStart 3D Learning System. There are hundreds of activities that they can carry out through this tablet to help them learn reading, writing, and comprehension skills.

This system comes with an easy-to-hold stylus that your little one can use to read invisible dots on the interactive pages.

Touching the pages with the stylus triggers challenges, questions, jokes, songs, and other learning activities. Kids will be entertained by the small screen that shows 3D-like animations that bring activities to life and makes them more enjoyable.

This is a tablet that you can get your little one if you want to help them concentrate on learning activities. Because of its fun design, your kid is bound to be glued to it for hours each day as they play games, learn words, and play songs.

Whether your kid is a visual or auditory learner, this tablet has activities that help them learn the skills that they need. They’ll love going on adventures with their favorite characters, including Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and Dory.

This interactive system can be used with the LeapFrog books, which provide more than 700 fun learning activities. The tablet has a no-slip grip handle so that your kid can carry it around safely.


  • Has a small screen that shows 3D-like animations to accompany activities in the learning system. This makes it more exciting for kids and makes them more eager to spend time learning.
  • Can be used with the LeapStart library, which has at least 25 books, each with 30 activities. When these books are used with this system, your kids can see the activities in the form of video animations.
  • Has a stylus that can be used to reveal activities on the interactive pages of the book through touch.
  • It has a no-slip grip handle and a kid-friendly design that makes it easy to hold and carry around for an on-the-go play.
  • Enhances math, reading, and problem-solving skills among learning other skills to help your kid become a god student.
  • Can be used by kids between the ages of 2-7.


  • You’ll need to spend more money to get access to the books in the LeapStart library, which contain activities to use with the 3D learning system but are sold separately.

#2  LeapStart Preschool Success

LeapFrog LeapStart Preschool Success, Green

Keeping a preschooler engaged with learning can be a struggle, but not as much when you have the LeapStart Preschool Success from LeapFrog. It lets you use games, songs, and puzzles to teach.

Since these are activities that most toddlers enjoy, they’ll be able to concentrate on the learning activities and not get hired easily.

This tablet has touch and talk interactive pages that allow your little one to try various activities on different levels. With more than 700 activities available in the LeapStart library, there’s more than enough to keep them engaged.

Since this system focuses on preschoolers, it covers subjects relative to preschool to 1st grade. This way, if your kid becomes proficient at the beginner levels, they can go to the next and keep learning.

There are 3 different activity levels to provide your little one with more challenges once they’ve become skilled at one. This system comes preloaded with Scout and Friends Math With Problem-Solving and another activity book.

For more activities, you’ll need to purchase other titles in the LeapStart library. This system also comes with an easy-to-hold stylus that can be used on the interactive pages. The more that they use it, the easier it’ll be for your kids to develop a proper writing grip.


  • Covers subjects that are suitable for kids in preschool all the way to 1st This ensures that your little one can learn progressively as they go.
  • Contains activities and games that promote writing, reading, math, and problem-solving skills.
  • Has interactive touch-talk pages that are bound to keep excitable toddlers entertained.
  • It’s compatible with the LeapStart library that has more than 25 books with a total of 700+ activities that are aimed to enhance learning at multiple levels.
  • It comes preloaded with two activity books to get your kid started with learning.
  • Has a stylus used to interact with the pages, and that also helps your kid develop a proper writing grip.


  • If you want your kid to try other activities besides the ones in the preloaded books, you’ll have to buy other LeapStart books.

#3  LeapReader System Learn-to-Read 10 Book Mega Pack

LeapFrog LeapReader System Learn-to-Read 10 Book Mega Pack, Pink

This system keeps kids engaged with 10 interactive storybooks that contain activities that develop their reading skills. These stories introduce them to short vowel sounds and help them sound out words, helping build reading fluency.

The vowel sounds are presented in a fun manner, using characters such as a cat that raps and a frog with the best job in the world. These characters make interactive activities more fun for kids.

Besides reading, kids can also build their writing skills using the LeapReader on the interactive pages. The system gives stroke by stroke guidance with no ink or paper required to develop spelling skills.

Touching the LeapReader to the pages sounds out the words letter by letter and also triggers sound effects, music, and character voices.

These sounds will keep your little one captivated while teaching them how to read letters and words. As they advance, they’ll also be able to blend words and improve their spelling skills.

This mega pack is suitable for kids between the ages of 4-8. By introducing vowel sounds and using sight words, it can be a great way to help your child build their reading confidence.


  • Contains 10 storybooks with interactive pages that can help your child develop reading skills at an early age by teaching them how to sound out words.
  • Each interactive page has three modes to make it easier for kids to learn to read without any help.
  • Makes use of fun characters to help your child learn vowel sounds, such as a rapping cat.
  • The LeapReader can be used alongside stroke by stroke guidance to develop spelling skills and reveal the various audio activities in the system.
  • Gives instant feedback to allow your kid to self-correct immediately and complete activities successfully.
  • Allows you to add more learning content from the LeapFrog app center, including songs and audiobooks.
  • Suitable for 4 to 8-year-olds who’re learning vowels, word blending, and spelling.


  • To learn past the 3 levels in the storybooks, you’ll have or buy additional LeapReader books separately

#4  LeapReader Reading and Writing System

LeapFrog LeapReader Reading and Writing System, Green

Teach your kid to write using a system that allows them to trace numbers, letters, and words on special paper.

This system helps kids between the ages of 4-8 to learn to read and write through stroke by stroke guidance on letters, words, and numbers.

It utilizes lovely character voices and creative stories that engage kids while they build their vocabulary. Along the way, it also helps little ones develop comprehension skills.

The paper used in this system is mess-free, allowing your little one to practice their handwriting with no frustration. They can move from practicing letters to words and also equations to improve their math skills.

When it comes to reading, this system utilizes 150+ audiobooks, music, and interactive books to boost listening and comprehension skills.

Popular and classic children’s books are included in the catalog, which makes it more entertaining and kid-friendly. Also, this system is compatible with the Tag library, the LeapReader library, and the LeapReader Read & Write Series of writing books.

This means that your child will have access to hundreds of interactive and audiobooks to help them build their reading and writing skills.


  • Includes multiple audiobooks with lovely character voices to build your child’s reading and comprehension skills. They can use the LeapReader to touch words and pages to hear them sound out to further develop these skills.
  • This system is compatible with multiple libraries that give you access to hundreds of books, audiobooks, games, and songs that your child can use to learn how to read and write.
  • Uses stroke-by-stroke guidance to help your kid learn how to write letters, numbers, and words on a mess-free paper.
  • It has a USB-rechargeable battery, so you don’t have to worry about buying replacement batteries every time they’re used up.
  • A single device can store up to 40 titles at once, which are more than enough for your little one to learn with at a time.


  • You’ll need to purchase learning content separately to expand your kids’ library.

#5  RockIt Handheld Learning Game System

LeapFrog RockIt Twist Handheld Learning Game System, Purple

The RockIt series from LeapFrog includes various game packs through which kids can learn crucial skills while having fun.

This handheld learning game system is suitable for kids above the ages of 3. It contains small parts, and you should be advised of choking hazards.

The system has 8 controls that can be used to play the 12 preloaded games. It has 3 RockIt virtual pets that kids can hatch from eggs and take through various activities and games to grow.

They can feed, bathe, and play with them, which makes way for lots of imaginative pretend play. Kids can only play with the 3 pets available in this system. If they want more, you’ll have to buy other RockIt game packs that include other pets.

The games each have 3 levels of practices for math, reading, problem-solving, and creativity. This provides your little one with new challenges that keep them engaged.

This device has a wrist strap for easy handling, which ensures that your kid is comfortable while they play games.

It also has a protective bumper, volume control buttons, a built-in mp3 player, and a headphone jack. It’s rechargeable using a USB cable, so you can forget about battery expenses.

You’ll need an internet connection to install game packs content to the system, but no Wi-Fi is required during play.


  • Has 12 preloaded games through which kids can develop creativity, math, problem-solving, and reading skills.
  • Each game had 3 levels of difficulty to allow your kid to advance to new challenges once they complete others.
  • Includes 3 RockIt virtual pets that your little one can pretend-play with.
  • Has a built-in mp3 player, volume control buttons, and can be recharged using a USB cable.


  • Your kid can only get access to other RockIt pets if you buy additional game packs.

#6  RockIt Twist Dual Game

LeapFrog RockIt Twist Dual Game Pack: Dinosaur Discoveries and Banzai Beans Showdown

This RockIt Two device contains two games, Dinosaur Discoveries, and Banzai Beans Showdown.

Your kid can play with both of these game packs while developing their problem-solving skills that are essential to advance their learning.

They’ll also get to play with two virtual RockIt pets and their figures, which are Pete-Zaah the pizza, and Sprout the dinosaur.

In the Banzai Beans Showdown, they’ll play games as they help the Banzai Beans ninjas to fight against their enemies, the Mushroom Masters, to defend their land. They’ll also use puzzles and other activities to help with the battle.

They’ll also need to navigate mazes that can help them develop problem-solving skills, logic, and memory. The device has controls that your little one can use to grow Pete-Zach and help him develop his skateboard skills.

In Dinosaur Discoveries, your child will get into the prehistoric world to dig up fossils, play a dinosaur game, and take photographs on a safari.

There are 8 colorful light-up controls on this RockIt device to make it more exciting for kids between the ages of 4-8.

Both of these game packs provide kids with lots of learning opportunities and help them develop their counting, chart, and measuring skills.


  • Kids can go on virtual adventures with the Banzai Beans ninjas and in Dinosaur Discoveries, keeping them actively engaged in imaginative activities.
  • The pet characters are hatched, and kids get to play various games and complete activities with them to grow them. Kids get to learn various learning skills along the way while having fun bringing up their pets.
  • The device has a kid-friendly design with colorful, light-up controls used to play the games and grow the pets.
  • The game packs can be installed into the RockIt device with a computer using the provided USB cable. You can install game packs on five different systems from one parent account.
  • This game system is suitable for children aged between 4-8 years.


  • Kids can play only two RockIt games on this system.

#7  Blue’s Clues and You! Blue Learning Watch

LeapFrog Blue's Clues and You! Blue Learning Watch

This learning watch teaches shapes, counting, time concepts, and daily routines using a Blue’s Clues and You! theme.

Kids get to participate in various activities alongside their favorite characters Blue and Josh, and this makes it more captivating. Using their watch that allows them to take Blue everywhere they go, they can learn to tell the time, build early habits, and play games.

This wristwatch features Blue’s barks and Josh’s voice in interactive games to help your kid develop problem-solving and logic skills, among other vital learning skills.

Besides the voices from the two characters from Blue’s Clues and You!, this watch also features other characters, including Slippery Soap and Tickety Tock.

It has 7 different digital clock faces that can be customized to help your kid learn time concepts and how to tell time. The lid has a design of Blue’s face, which makes it more fun.

Your kid can set alarms with the alarm tones that are included, and this is bound to make them more excited about keeping time. When I got this device for my kids, they took a lot less time getting out of bed than they did when I tried to wake them up!

There’s also a stopwatch feature that they can use to time activities when with friends.


  • Allows your kid to bring Blue everywhere as they can hear the familiar barks anytime and see Blue’s face on the watch lid.
  • Has 7 digital clock faces that help your child learn how to tell the time in a fun way.
  • Includes Blue’s barks and Josh’s voice to keep your little one captivated and interested in the learning activities.
  • Improves counting, logic, and problem-solving skills. Your kid can also learn how to tell time and shapes.
  • Helps kids develop time management habits since they can set alarms and stopwatches that they can use during their daily routines.
  • Suitable for 3 to 7-year-olds.


  • It might be hard to fix the straps comfortably on some kids.

#8  Blue’s Clues and You! Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook

LeapFrog Blue’s Clues and You! Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook

You can take your kids on more adventures with Blue and Josh with Leapfrog’s Really Smart Handy Dandy Notebook. It’s similar to the one that Josh uses on the show, so kids will love it!

Using this Notebook, children from 2 years and above can learn counting, shapes, colors, take part in imaginative play, and learn health tips.

It has phone, music, and email apps that allow them to talk to Blue, Josh, and their friends. They’ll hear their voices and fun, entertaining sounds.

Kids will learn about colors, shapes, counting, the weather, and more using light-up app icons that can keep them engaged for hours. They can also check mail and answer calls through the apps.

Interactive games included for learning are a search and find game, a counting game, and one that lets them identify different colors.

Along the way, they’ll also learn about healthy habits and get to exercise with Magenta. This is an ideal game system to get for your kids to allow them to learn important things through pretend play.

It’s suitable for toddlers and preschoolers and requires 3 AAA batteries to function.


  • Resembles the notebook that Josh uses on the animated TV series, which makes it all the more exciting for kids.
  • Features Josh’s voice and Blue’s barks to keep your kid captivated, allowing them to spend more time learning various skills.
  • Helps kids to learn healthy habits through fun means.
  • Includes music, phone, and mail apps that allow kids to have interactive, imaginative play.
  • Suitable for kids above the age of 2 years.


  • It’s not rechargeable, so you’ll have to buy replacement batteries.

Early Learning for Your Kid

As a parent, it’s best not to wait until your kid goes to preschool for them to start learning. By homeschooling them, you’ll be able to help them learn basic reading and writing skills beforehand.

This’ll also help with their comprehension once they get to school and build their confidence. Besides the LeapFrog products, there are other learning programs that you can use to help your kid learn better.

The Children Learning Reading Program is one such resource that has been hailed by thousands of parents. It’s a great tool to help your kids aged between 2-6 years to love reading and gain confidence.

It contains short lessons and activities that keep little ones engaged without boring them. Whether your kid is a total beginner or a delayed learner, I think you should check this program out.


LeapFrog has a lot to offer to help your kid develop reading, writing, math, and problem-solving skills at home.

Since there are so many systems and devices to choose from, it’s possible that you’ll find something suitable for your kid’s age and learning level.

Not only will they be able to develop essential learning skills early, but these products can also build their confidence and make them better students later in life.

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