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How To Put A Baby To Sleep In 40 Seconds

It’s nighttime, or nap time, or your baby just won’t sleep! I know I’ve been there, and you have, too. It’s super frustrating because you love your baby, but you just need a break.

Those small breaks come when your little guy or gal takes a nap, and you can finally have a little peace and quiet to rest yourself or get some household tasks handled.

In this article, we are going to talk about how to help your baby sleep in just 40 short seconds- and show off some other mom-approved tricks that help little ones get the rest they need.

How To Help Your Baby Sleep in 40 Seconds

Yes, we know. This article sounds way too good to be true. What, is a fairy godmother going to wave a want that lulls the little one into slumber?

Nope, but darn close.

Here’s how it works.

You just need a tissue.

Yes, a tissue! A Kleenex, a hankie, whatever you call them in your neighborhood. Just get a tissue from the box and get ready to go to work.

All you have to do is gently wipe the tissue over the face of your baby, and they zonk right out. There are YouTube videos proving this!

What is The Technique?

So, you know when you’re making your bed, and you flap the blanket out to fully cover the bed? That’s what you do with the tissue. Unfold it completely, and flap it across your baby’s face gently.

Keep doing this until the little one begins to snooze.

It takes under one minute, but the little guy or lady will likely fall right asleep, and you can take comfort in knowing they are sleeping soundly.

If you would like to view the method in action, watch the 40 second Youtube video below:

I couldn’t believe this! 40 seconds from awake and fussing to blissfully sleeping and having dreams of whatever it is babies dream about.

No need for the typical tricks of parenting: strapping them into the stroller or car seat for a ride, rocking them to no avail, or letting them cry it out while you sit on the couch with a guilty conscience and hope they snooze.

This method is so simple, cheap, and awesome. It’s stress-free, and chances are you’ve got tissues right in your home lying around somewhere.

This is one of those parenting tricks you gotta share with your mom and dad friends- could even be useful for aunties and uncles that babysit, too!

Will It Work with Washcloths, Paper Towels, or Napkins?

We don’t know if it will work with paper towels or napkins. These materials are a bit rough and probably aren’t the best feeling on one’s skin.

Washcloths and towels- as in, bathroom textiles, are probably not good either. I wouldn’t personally use those on my baby- if he or she opens their mouth and accidentally breathes in a mouthful of washcloth, I’d feel terrible.

But let’s talk about towels as sleeping aids. Legend has it that a nurse used a towel- a simple household object- to help a baby fall asleep. But, it’s no legend- this really happened, and you can see the video below.:

Let’s talk about the technique!

Towel Trick for Cozy and Restful Babies

Firstly, find the cleanest and softest towel you have in your home. Look for a towel that measures up at 120cm x 60cm or 47 in x 24 in.

You will want to roll this towel up, so it resembles a burrito or sausage. This towel serves as a sort of “nest” for the baby; it helps them feel like they are back inside the womb. This will make them feel comfortable, cozy, and warm.

The second step is to place the baby gently on his or her side and place the rolled towel between the legs.

You will want to tuck the front part of the towel under the child’s neck, placed between their arms.

Now you will do the same with the back end of your towel. The end result is a “nest” for your baby, which helps create a sense of security and safety.

You can then rub his or her back or sing to them softly if you like, to help them sleep a little faster.

This one makes sense. When I was a kid, I used to put a pillow between my knees, and for some reason, it really felt great and helped me sleep. I have to wonder if there’s a baby in all of us that enjoys this feeling.

After all, it gives the little one a sense of safety and also something to hold onto- the towel has the same texture as a stuffed animal, for instance.

Other Weird But Useful Tricks Moms Swear By

Okay, we’ve already discussed two crazy tricks that really work, but what are some other ideas? Let’s talk about some tricks that moms around the world have submitted:

  • “I placed my baby’s car seat safely onto our dryer, buckled her in, and started up the dryer. She fell asleep, presumably due to the rocking motion of the dryer.” Okay, sounds a little too scary for me, but if you have a safe dryer and you can supervise the child, it could work!
  • “I avoid eye contact with my baby before it’s time for bed. When we did make eye contact, she got too excited and full of energy. So, I quit about 15 minutes before it was sleepy time, and she calmed down and got ready to rest.”  Sounds pretty good to me!
  • “My baby loved the sound of the box fan. Even in wintertime, we’d have that darn box fan going- it worked, but running a fan in winter always felt funny to me!”  Hey, it’s not silly if it works. Plus, you can always turn the fan away from the child, so they don’t get cold.


Crazy Tricks, Part Deux

  • “My son had his days and his nights all mixed up- the lad was up at night like an owl, but sleeping during the day like a bat! So, my mom gave me this weird trick: She said to turn him over- as in head over heels- a total of three times. This was the craziest thing I’d ever heard, but I tried it because I was at a total loss for what to do. And it worked. By the time my son was 7 weeks old, he was asleep at night with the rest of the family.” Okay, I love a good grandma tip as much as the next person, but I DEFINITELY would talk to a pediatrician before I flip a baby as if he or she were somersaulting. I don’t think I’d do this, but it is an old wives’ tale, and some swear by it.
  • “Lavender really works for my baby! We have lavender baby lotion for after the bath, and we also use an essential oil diffuser with lavender in the nursery. I set it to go for fifteen minutes, and before I know it, my little Natasha is asleep. Plus, it makes the room smell really nice!” Wow, love this trick. Lavender does smell great, and even adult products are made with the stuff to help us gain a sense of calm.


Making Your Baby Comfortable

Perhaps the best thing you can do for your baby is to make their room comfortable and cozy so that falling asleep becomes even easier.

Here, we will talk about some ways you can make your little one’s room comfortable and warm for easier bedtimes.

  • Pick Gentle Wall Art. Newborns won’t know what’s on their wall decorations, but as they grow, they become aware of what makes them feel scared. For example, babies as young as six months are afraid of the clap of thunder or a sudden flash of lightning. As a result, choose wall art that doesn’t look like a scary sight in the dark.
  • Make sure that the colors are soft. We traditionally think of colors like orange and yellow as being bright and happy hues. This is true, but lacking a calming color, such as a pastel blue or even a nice, soft gray, can make a baby feel awake and energized. You might wish to repaint your nursery if you feel it could help your child calm down and relax a bit.
  • Use Light-Blocking Curtains. You can’t sleep with a bright light coming down on you, neither can your baby! So, invest in curtains that block the light and create a cozy, dark place to sleep.

How To Put A Baby To Sleep in 40 Seconds


If you need other ideas about how to help your baby get and stay asleep, check out Baby Sleep Miracle. It’s a tried and true method that really helps parents get their child to rest soundly.

No matter what you do, there are absolutely ways you can help your baby fall asleep. Which one of these do you think will work for your little one?

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