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GB Pockit Stroller Review

Welcome to our GB Pockit review! These strollers are stylish, rugged, look great, and will last your family a lifetime, great if you plan on having more than one kid.

The wonderful thing about the GB Pockit brand is that the strollers fold up so easily and fit a variety of vehicles. They aren’t as big as some strollers, but they will give your little one a comfortable and safe ride.

So, come with us as we take a look at six great ideas for GB Pockit strollers. You are going to love how they feel, and your child will feel at ease as they ride around.

Company Overview

Gb is for parents of the new generation. They offer lightweight and stylish baby gear in monochrome colors that never go out of style. These are like fine fashion pieces, built to last, always look nice, and combine form and function effortlessly.

gb Pockit+ All-City Lightweight Stroller, Vanilla Bean

gb Pockit+ All-City Lightweight Stroller, Vanilla Bean


First up is the GB Pockit reviews today is the All-City Lightweight stroller. The color is Vanilla Bean, and this is designed to handle city streets with ease. You will find that it has a safety harness to keep your little one buckled safely for busy walks where stopping short can happen, a nice canopy to go over your child’s head for sunny or rainy days, and a soft padded seat, so naps happen naturally and comfortably.

Four wheels help the stroller glide easily over any surface, and there’s a small space underneath for storage of some basic items, like snacks, kids’ toys, diapers, or even your own items. It has that trademark aluminum lightweight frame, so it’s tough but easy to push around. You’ll hardly feel it as the stroller moves along.

There is a stepless recline so your child can nap in a reclined position. This stroller is mostly ideal for city environments, as indicated by the front wheel suspension, but it could go anywhere. Plus, this is luggage compliant for airplanes, so when it’s time to pack up the kiddo and fly, feel free to take the stroller right along with you.


  • Suitable for kids up to 55lbs
  • The two-step folding process is easy to learn.
  • Great for parents with small apartments/spaces


  • Not OK for newborns

GB Pockit Plus Stroller 2018 Cherry Red

GB Pockit Plus Stroller 2018 Cherry Red


Second, we have our pretty Cherry Red stroller. It may be a 2018 model, but it still looks cool! This stroller is compatible with Cybex or GB brand car seats. You can carry your baby carrier on this stroller right from birth. You would purchase an adapter, which is sold separately, but it can help you get the max from your stroller.

This stroller is comfortable as well as functional. Your child will enjoy the padded backrest, and you can recline it or put it upright depending on what your child feels like that day. It’s just a simple pull of the strap in the back to do so. It’s great for helping your little one relax and nap as you walk.

Folding up the stroller is easy. It’s compact and goes anywhere you go. Plus, the stroller is lightweight if you have to carry it along. The light but tough aluminum frame is complemented by the smooth swivel wheels, which help you navigate stores, the mall, or any other indoor event with ease. It even self -stands when folded, so it will ride with you nicely anywhere.


  • It weighs just 10 lb.
  • It folds down and fits anywhere- plane, bus, or car.
  • It can be pushed with one hand.


  • Canopy is smaller than other Pockit models.

Pockit Lightweight Stroller

Pockit Lightweight Stroller


Next up is the Pockit Lightweight. This one is a favorite among parents, as evidenced by the thousands of positive reviews. There are plenty of color options available, too. It is the most affordable of the Pockit brands, but the quality still stands.

This model features an easy-to-learn two-step folding method you will learn in no time. It folds into a package that resembles a large handbag for easy carrying wherever you go. The stroller itself weighs just 10 lb.

It will not take up tons of room in your home or car and is easy for everyone to push around. The harness system keeps your child comfortable and safe and is easy to adjust as your little one grows. The canopy offers 50+ protection against UPF, making it good for sunny days or vacations to warm places.

The stroller will safely hold a child up to 55 lbs., and when folded, takes up only 11.8”x7”x13.8“. And if that seems way too good to be true, it’s not- in 2014, this stroller took home a Guinness World Record for Most Compact Stroller.


  • Easy to push around with one hand
  • Features rear parking brake, padded handlebars, and adjustable torso length
  • It folds down easy for travel and carrying.


  • Only ideal for kids 6 months and up

gb Pockit Go Lightweight Stroller Bundle, Satin Black

gb Pockit Go Lightweight Stroller Bundle, Satin Black


Next up, we have the Pockit Lightweight. Here you get the same nice stroller as reviewed above, but with a few nice extras. It is a bit more in cost, but these extras might just be what some parents are looking for. Most importantly, it is ideal for infants.

First, the basics. This is the world’s most compact folding stroller for infant seats, designed just for use by the smallest humans out for a walk.

You can take your sleeping infant out of the car and secure them in this stroller and prepare to walk around for some fresh air. It will safely and securely pop into the Pockit Go frame, and then you can walk around with confidence that your little one is secure and safe.

Second, it folds up nice and small wherever you may roam. Whether you are limited on space or just have a smaller car, this is ideal. And yes, it will grow with your child.

Once they are no longer in need of an infant seat, simply convert it to a regular stroller so your toddler can have a comfortable ride. It works with car seats of the Nuna PIPA, Cybex, and Maxi-Cosi Mico 30 seats.


  • It breaks down easily for travel.
  • Features a lightweight aluminum frame
  • Great for infants


  • It only works with certain infant car seats.

gb Pockit+ All-Terrain, Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller with Canopy and Reclining Seat

gb Pockit+ All-Terrain, Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller with Canopy and Reclining Seat in Velvet Black


The Pockit Plus All-Terrain weighs a little more than the other Pockit All-Terrain stroller but is the quality you expect when it comes to the brand. The canopy is larger than other models we’ve featured and offers 50+ UPF protection for your baby.

It folds down nice and easy and fits anywhere, plus it stands on its own when folded. It is adaptable with CYBEX car seats using the included adapters.

Even though this model is a bit heavier than the others, it is still very easy to push around. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum that’s tough and will stand up to anywhere you roam in your travels. Parents even discussed rolling it around the cobbled streets of Europe and noting it did a fine job.

Indeed, with its soft seat, reclining ability, and ease of use, this a stroller you will love for years to come.


  • Larger canopy for more sun protection
  • Carryon compliant for airline travel
  • Reclines for more comfortable naps


  • Suitable only for kids aged 6 months and up without an adapter

gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra-Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller with Breathable Fabric

gb Pockit Air All Terrain Ultra Compact Lightweight Travel Stroller with Breathable Fabric in Velvet Black


Last on our list is the Pockit Air. It is a beautiful, two-tone stroller that looks stylish and timeless. Like the others, this model features the same easy-to-learn folding mechanism that will have you packing it down in no time.

It folds right into a small package that looks like a handbag. You will find it easy to take with you on the road, whether you travel by plane, auto or bus.

This stroller comes in at just 10 lbs. Anybody can carry it, from a grandparent to an older sibling. It won’t hurt anyone’s back to tote it along.

And if you plan on going to a sunny, warm place, rest assured the breathable mesh will keep your kid cool, and the sun canopy offers the same 50+ UPF protection you’ve seen on the other models. You can adjust it to give them more or less shade.


  • The seat cushion is machine washable.
  • Double wheels promise easy maneuvering.
  • Great for parents limited on space


  • Only suited for ages 6 months and up.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are the questions you want to be asking as you shop for a baby stroller. Whether you are expecting a child or just in the market for a new stroller, these questions can help you make smart buying decisions.

What Are the Features?

Check out the wheel quality, sun protection, storage bins, how easy the fabric is to clean, and, most importantly, the safety associated with the stroller. You have to make sure your baby can stay buckled in safely as you walk along.

Brakes on the stroller are also important to prevent roll-aways. Also, be sure the stroller can grow alongside your child to prevent having to purchase many along the way.

What Is the Weight?

If you have to tote the stroller around, make sure you can carry it for long periods of time. If an elderly grandparent or person with back issues would like to push the baby, can they handle the stroller? [If you’re after a double stroller, Contours make some good ones – here’s my review]

Make sure the weight is one you don’t mind carrying in the event you would like to take it traveling or commuting around your city in crowded bus stops and train stations.

Can You Unfold It and Pack It Down Easily?

GB Pockit Stroller Review

As you use your stroller, you are probably going to be holding your baby, or they will be resting in their car seat. You will also likely be holding a diaper bag. So, can you use one hand to fold and unfold the stroller?

Make sure the one you like isn’t overly complicated so you can get walking and enjoying time with your child faster and easier. If possible, try to practice using a friend or family member’s stroller, so you get the hang of it (and to ensure you really like it).

Is It Easy to Use?

Once you’ve selected your favorite stroller after doing some research, see about testing it first. Go to a baby store and see if they have a model you can wheel around.

Try to imagine how it will perform on uneven city sidewalks, trails or beaches, or other places your family might go together. Is it nice and smooth? Could you steer it with one hand? And how does it handle tight turns? Try it out as best you can before buying.

Can It Work for Newborns?

Check over the product details of the stroller you are most interested in. Can your newborn’s baby seat snap-in safely? How about the stroller itself? Does it recline and offer enough cushion to keep your newborn supported?

Also, the skin of babies is very sensitive, especially newborns’ so make sure it offers protection against the sun. Look for phrases like “bassinet mode” or “infant seat adaptable” if you plan on taking your newborn out for stroller walks.

What Environment Is This Stroller For?

A double stroller is probably not ideal for busy city streets, but you don’t need a tiny stroller if you live in a relatively rural area with lots of space and open parks. Also, think about yourself- you need a stroller that can handle diaper bags, baby toys, kids’ tablets, and snacks, plus your own personal items like a purse or blanket.


Which of these strollers do you like best? You can have many safe and comfortable walks with your baby using any of these strollers. Add in that they go anywhere and fold easily, and you have a real winner in terms of strollers that work. Which one are you going to get?

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