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Educational DVDs For Toddlers

Did you know that there are educational DVDs available for your kids? Instead of worrying about the time your toddlers spend in front of the television, watching shows that are not meant for their ages, you can purchase some of these educational DVDs for them and have them learn while being entertained also.

Some educational DVDS prepare your preschoolers for school by teaching them educational subjects. There are also DVDs that test the reading and listening comprehension of your kids by telling them stories.

If you are worried about which educational DVD to get your kid started on, worry no more. We will provide you with the six best educational DVDs, their reviews, and descriptions. We will also tell you the factors to note when buying an educational DVD for your toddler.

Best Educational DVDs for Toddlers

Richard Scarry’s Best ABC Video Ever

Richard Scarry's Best ABC Video Ever!


Huckle Cat and his classmates teach your toddlers the alphabet in a fascinating way. They tell stories about each of the alphabet, with each story emphasizing and teaching your kids new words with each letter of the alphabet.

This educational DVD is animated and close-captioned. It runs for about thirty minutes and has been in existence since 2001. The movie is produced by Sony Wonder studio and contains just one disc.

The video features some characters in school, forming a short story with each letter of the alphabet. It does not only expose your kid to the letters of the alphabet, but it also teaches them how to construct sentences.


  • The Richard scarry video makes your toddler familiar with the letters of the alphabet.
  • The video runs for thirty minutes.
  • It is an animated video.
  • The video is closed-captioned.
  • It is a Sony Wonder video.
  • It includes the traditional ABC songs for kids.


  • The video is close-captioned, so it develops your kid’s reading skills also.
  • It makes your kids feel relaxed.
  • It is educational.
  • It gives the kids an encouraging picture or idea of what the classrooms are like.
  • It is affordable.
  • It serves as an excellent introduction to the alphabet.


  • The video only runs for thirty minutes.

Leapfrog: The Complete Scout & Friends Collection

Leapfrog: The Complete Scout & Friends Collection [DVD]


It is another educational video for your toddler. It teaches your kids math and how to read. It is an affordable DVD that takes your toddler to Numberland, where they learn about numbers, some counting, and numeracy skills.

A birthday party takes place in the video, which allows your kids to sing along and count numbers as they explore Numberland with other characters from the video.

Aside from the Numberland, the Phonics farm teaches your kids the letters of the alphabet. Your kids get to meet the letters of the alphabet through songs.

The video also teaches your kids about measurements in its Adventures in Shapeville park. Still, in this park, it exposes them to the different shapes we have. Your kids and other characters in the video get to build a playground themselves, using different shapes, in different sizes, and different measurements.

The video also builds the vocabulary strength of your kids, as it exposes them to unfamiliar words and their meanings.

The video comes in multiple formats, and you can choose which one works best for you among a list of many like the animated format, the widescreen format, the full-screen format, and others. The video keeps your kids occupied with educational lessons while you do other things, even for more than two hours.


  • It exposes your kids to various aspects of learning such as numbers, letterings, alphabets, vocabularies, shapes, structures, and many others.
  • It runs for 2 hours, 24 minutes.
  • The video has any available formats, including the animated format.
  • It comes in four discs.
  • It contains songs and amazing characterization that keep your kids interested.


  • It is entertaining and educational.
  • It keeps your kids occupied for more than two hours.
  • It contains songs that grab the attention of your toddlers.
  • You can monitor the screen time of your kids since they come in four different discs.
  • It is perfect for your kids in kindergarten as it reinforces the things they have been taught in school.
  • It helps your kids to be more familiar with their environment.
  • It improves their vocabulary.
  • It is perfect for your toddlers as it introduces them to some basic concepts such as counting or letters of the alphabet.


  • The videos come in four different discs, meaning you have to stand up to insert a new disc at the end of a video. It is not perfect for you to look for two-hour straight breathing space from your kids.

Letter Sounds DVD by Rock ‘N Learn

Letter Sounds DVD by Rock 'N Learn


Making your kid watch educational videos like rock ‘n leaner’s letter sounds is a fun way to help them learn. It introduces your kids to the world of phonics, explaining basic phonic concepts to them and giving examples.

This video is affordable and perfectly suited for your kids between the ages of four and seven. It has a game format where it asks questions and does not provide the answers to those questions immediately to allow your kids to think of the answers themselves.

It introduces your kids to the alphabet and teaches them some basic pronunciation and reading skills. The video has an on-screen mouth that makes the kids learn pronunciation in such an exciting way.

It also has short stories that help your kids develop their reading skills. The video is an engaging way to keep your kids interested in educational activities.


  • It is perfect for your kids between the ages of 4-7.
  • It teaches your kids the letters of the alphabet.
  • It also contains short stories.
  • It is both educating and entertaining.
  • This DVD has won several awards for its educational and entertaining role.
  • It has multiple media formats.
  • It runs for about an hour.
  • It comes in just one disc.


  • It introduces your kids to the alphabet.
  • It improves their reading skills.
  • It improves their pronunciation.
  • It builds their vocabulary.
  • It contains educational games that keep your kids hooked to it.
  • It has an alphabet song.
  • It is affordable.


  • The video runs for only an hour.

LeapFrog: Learning DVD Set

LeapFrog: Learning DVD Set


This is another educational and entertaining video you can purchase for your toddler. It comes with flashcards that facilitate learning through the use of this DVD. It is affordable, and it comes in three discs.

The video takes your kids to a learning environment where they are exposed to some of the things and lessons that take place in school. LeapFrog teaches your kids about numbers, letters, phonics, counting, and even the days of the week. It contains fun songs that your kids can learn in no time and sing along with the characters.

The video tries to recreate being in a school environment with the kids, and this helps with the fears, worries, or insecurities that your toddlers may have about beginning school. It makes them familiar with classrooms by introducing them to the objects that can be found in the classrooms.

Some of these objects include chalk, books, pencils, and others.

The flashcards contain some activities that you can carry out with your kids. Leapfrog also has an academic tablet, which you can read more on in our article.


  • It contains three DVD discs.
  • It contains twenty-six flash cards.
  • It contains fun songs that grab the attention of your kids.
  • It exposes them to counting, lettering, pronunciation, and other basic concepts.
  • It runs for 1 hour, 35 minutes.
  • It is produced by Lionsgate.
  • It contains animated characters.


  • It is educative and entertaining.
  • The video itself and the activities in the video are highly engaging.
  • It is affordable.
  • It grabs the attention of the kids for an hour.
  • It is age appropriate.
  • It reassures the kids that schooling is not a bad experience.
  • The characters are animated.
  • It improves the creative abilities of the kids.


  • The video comes in three discs.
  • It keeps your kids glued to the screen for more than an hour.

Sesame Street: Preschool Is Cool! ABCs with Elmo/ Counting with Elmo

Sesame Street: Preschool Is Cool! ABCs with Elmo / Counting with Elmo


This is another DVD that is an excellent choice for your kids. In this video, professor Glover, the preschool teacher, takes your kids through some learning activities in schools.

It helps your kids be familiar with the alphabet through various songs, stories, and other alphabet activities. Not only just the alphabet, it exposes your kids to counting, as it also contains songs, stories, and activities about figures.

It also gets your toddlers to be excited about going to preschool.


  • It is educative and entertaining.
  • It teaches alphabets and counting.
  • It comes in two discs.
  • It contains songs for your toddlers to sing along.
  • The video runs for 1 hour, 45 minutes.


  • It is engaging for your kids.
  • It teaches your kids about counting.
  • It exposes your toddlers to the letters of the alphabet.
  • It improves the vocabulary of your kids.


  • It keeps your kids on the screen for almost two hours.

Sight Words Level 1 DVD by Rock ‘N Learn

Sight Words Level 1 DVD by Rock 'N Learn: 60+ words includes all pre-primer Dolch words and many Fry words


Although this is the last educational DVD we will be discussing, this is definitely not the least, as it is an excellent educational material for your kid.

It is really affordable, and it engages your toddlers in the best possible way. It includes characters, songs, adventures, and activities that grab the attention of your kids.

This DVD improves the level of the vocabulary of your kids by introducing them to certain unfamiliar words. It also improves their spellings and pronunciations.

Apart from these features, it teaches your kids the opposite of some words. Through pairing these words and their opposites in the video, your kids can communicate better and freely.


  • It contains stories.
  • It improves the vocabulary of your kids.
  • It teaches them new words, their spellings, and their pronunciations.
  • It runs for 50 minutes.
  • It was produced by the Rock N Learn studio.
  • It has only one disc.


  • It is engaging.
  • It teaches your kids basic concepts in the English language.
  • It helps them to communicate their thoughts better.


  • The graphics are not in their best quality.

Buyer’s Guide

As parents, we have to put certain things into considerations before making decisions for our kids. Choosing which DVD to purchase for your toddler out of a list of many can be exhausting.

However, worry no more, as we have personally come up with some of the factors you should consider when purchasing an educational DVD set for your toddler. These factors will guide you into making the best decisions for your kids.


The price of the educational DVD will guide you in making your purchase. You should choose something that suits your budget. Thankfully, many of these videos are not expensive, so you can purchase more than one.

Educational Quality

How much of an educational value is the video to your kids? The answer to this question will guide you on choosing to purchase the educational DVD or not. These DVDs should provide your kids with the maximum educational value.

Running Time

If you are buying an educational DVD for your kid because you need them to be distracted for a while, you should consider getting one that has a longer running time, as it will not need you to be changing the discs every now and then.


Educational DVDs allow your kids to learn in a relaxed mood and environment. They teach your toddlers basic academic concepts in a fun and engaging ways. Some of these DVDs contain activities that you can carry out together with your kids.

Depending on the running time of the DVD, you can leave your kid in front of the tv and be assured that they are only taking in useful information. With many of these affordable DVDs, you can select which of our top educational DVDs to purchase. You may go through the already features, pros, and cons of each product.

However, be assured that our list is comprehensive enough to guide you into making wholesome decisions for your kids. Whether your kids are in preschool or prekindergarten, you can never go wrong with getting them some educational DVDs. Check this out, if you want to learn more about these two stages.

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