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Contours Double Stroller Review

Are you blessed with twins? Do you have two little ones just a year apart from one another? Do you have a blended family with two small kids? Regardless of how you got to have two tiny humans in your life, you need a stroller that can handle them both.

It means you can go for walks altogether in a way that easy, comfortable, and fun for everybody. Contour brand strollers are great, too. Contours double stroller comes in beautiful monochrome gray and look sophisticated year after year. It is a stroller you can get plenty of miles out of.

Without further ado, let’s dive in and review these strollers.

Product Reviews

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Toddler & Baby Stroller, Adjustable Seating, Lightweight Frame, Car Seat Compatibility, Carbon Grey

Contours Options Elite Tandem Double Toddler & Baby Stroller, Adjustable Seating, Lightweight Frame, Car Seat Compatibility, Carbon Grey


The first one on our list today is the lovely Options Elite. It blends beauty, function, and form all in one amazing stroller that will turn heads wherever you take it. The makers created this version of their stroller using feedback from parents like yourself to make it the best in class.

Indeed, the stroller sounds almost like a Cadillac instead of baby gear. For example, the suspension on the stroller is dynamic in both the rear and the front. The frame is lightweight and easy to push around but crafted of tough aluminum for years of use.

The brakes work with all kinds of shoes, especially sandals. It’s also the approved size for Disney, so if your little ones are planning to see Mickey, they can enter with ease.


  • 8 seating options
  • It comes with 5-point safety harness
  • Great for kids up to 40 lbs.


  • Windows are made of mesh only – rain can still come in.

Contours Curve Tandem Double Stroller for Infants, Toddlers, or Twins

Contours Curve Tandem Double Stroller for Infants, Toddlers or Twins - 360° Turning, Multiple Seating Options, Graphite Gray


Are you a city mama, dad, caretaker, or grandparent? It will be your stroller. It handles like a dream over curbs and can easily fit two infant car seats. You can buy car seat adapters that fit the major brands with ease- some examples are Chicco, Graco, Britax, and Maxi-Cosi. There is a universal option as well.

Pushing this is like pushing nothing at all. You will also like how it turns easily around curves and corners. It has six wheels instead of four, which is how turning happens so flawlessly. It is engineered to perform well with the weight of two kids inside, so pushing it will feel like easy work. You can even control it with one hand.

Safety is tantamount to Contours, and that is apparent when considering the 5-point harnesses that keep your kids safe as they ride. And yes, this is Disney size-approved, so if it’s going to Florida with you, you will be a-OK!

And whether you’re using it in the Florida sun or for a sunny winter walk, your kids will be protected from the sun. UPF 50+ canopies come standard on this stroller.

The seats are water-resistant, so if the rain comes on your walk or a water bottle/sippy cup spills, it’s going to be OK. Lastly, there is a nice side storage basket with a zipper to keep all your diapers, toys, blankets, and snacks safe as you go about your day.


  • Extra accessories are sold separately to enhance your stroller.
  • Curb assist makes walking around on the streets easier.
  • Great for kids 5lb and up


  • It will not fit into smaller cars when folded.

Contours Bitsy Double Compact Fold Lightweight Travel

Contours Bitsy Double Compact Fold Lightweight Travel Stroller, Midnight Grey


Our third option is this adorable, smaller size version of the Contour brand of strollers. This offers you all the quality you expect from a Contours model, but it is a bit more affordable and better suited for travel. The stroller itself can handle children up to 40lbs, up to 80lbs total.

Earlier, we mentioned that the other Contours strollers were not great for use with smaller cars. This one is the answer. It folds up with just a single step and is ideal for people with smaller vehicles.

It is lightweight and still offers you the easy experience you deserve when it’s time to take your kids out for a walk. Even if you have one infant and one toddler, the Bitsy Double can hold an infant seat, so everyone can ride together and feel great.

No adapter is required for the seat, either. The seats also recline so the kids can have a nap while they ride comfortably. The canopies offer 50+ UPF for added safety when in the sun. The brake is good for use with all shoes, even sandals. And the built-in handle to lift the stroller up easily is a small but valuable feature.


  • No assembly required for the stroller
  • All-around suspension is included for a smooth and easy ride.
  • It folds up with just the push of 1 button.


  • Only can fit one infant car seat- not ideal for parents of infant twins.

Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller with Child Tray

Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller with Child Tray


Fourth on our list is a deluxe stroller, a very fancy model at that, but of the highest quality and workmanship. This Contours Element Side by Side model can be a single or double stroller and even includes a child tray so your little one can have their snacks, sippy cup, or toy with them as they ride along.

This model also includes the parent tote and organizer. If you are pushing just one child, you can attach the organizer onto the other side and walk along, enjoying the smooth ride Contours brings.

It includes the option to add one or two infant seats, stroller seats, or bassinets. It is ideal for parents of twins or parents of a toddler and infant. It will fit through most standard doors, so if you happen to be inside (such as a shopping mall or indoor event), it should be fine to take with you, provided strollers are permitted.

This stroller is compatible with over 25 different car seats as well. The Element Universal car seat adapter will accommodate many models, but this is sold separately. Lastly, you will like the UPF 50 canopy to keep your little ones protected from the harsh rays of the sun.


  • Can accommodate over 25 different car seats
  • It comes with a handy child tray.
  • Can fit two infant seats, two child seats, or one of each


  • Curb assist is not included in this model.

Contours Options Tandem Stroller, Shadow

Contours Options Tandem Stroller, Shadow


The fifth on our list is the Contours Options Tandem Stroller. It differs a little from the Elite in that it does not have the suspension on all wheels, just the front. We also noted this one is the model created in 2016, while the Elite is the model that has been upgraded based on feedback provided.

That being said, it is still a very solid stroller. As with the other Contours models, the quality is still there. The lightweight but tough aluminum frame is nice and sturdy, plus easy to push. The foot brakes are still friendly for sandals and other types of shoes.

It can support up to 40lbs per seat, for a maximum of 80 lbs. total. And the front wheel suspension is very nice and makes for smooth gliding over all surfaces. Even on dirt and gravel, this car seat shines.

Many infant seats can fit. However, you need to purchase the correct adapter. Only one infant car seat adapter is included, so be prepared to get another if necessary. The seats are capable of reclining. Thus, kids can take comfortable naps in them as you go along.

The stroller is also very easy to put together. It’s a great stroller that your whole family will love.


  • Maneuvers easily and lightly despite its size.
  • The stroller is easy to break down and put in your vehicle.
  • The aluminum frame can stand up to all wear and tear.


  • Legroom for the kids runs out quickly as they get taller.

Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller with 2 Seats and Tote, Storm Grey

Contours Element Side-by-Side Single-to-Double Stroller with 2 Seats and Tote, Storm Grey


Last but not least on our list is the crème de la crème, the finest stroller you can imagine for your two little ones. This is the exact same as the Contour Element, but this model includes the second seat, so you can have both kids riding side by side. Granted, you also get the tote with it, so this is the best package yet- it’s got EVERYTHING you could ask for.

As you’ve come to expect, this has all the things you desire in a Contours stroller: a tough but lightweight frame, easy maneuverability, and two child seats. Plus, you can look forward to the parent tote and organizer.

We noted it folds down pretty easily for storage in your car when not in use. And the fabric included contains that nice UPF 50+ protection, so you can safely take the little ones out in the sun.

There are over 35 modes with this stroller, as is the case with the other Element, and plenty of under-seat storage to keep the stuff you need safe and at the ready. You can also use the Element Multi-brand Car Seat Adapter to fit over 25 models of child seats for added convenience.


  • It comes with two seats to accommodate two children.
  • Can adapt to over 25 different car seats.
  • It offers lots of storage to keep snacks, kids’ tablets, blankets, and diapers clean and safe.


  • Does not include a child tray.

Buyer’s Guide

Here are questions to ask as you shop around:

Where will you be using the stroller?

Bulky strollers are hard to take around city streets that are crowded. Meanwhile, an umbrella stroller is nice, but what if you need something bigger to handle the diaper bag, your purse, and a drink cup?

Thankfully there are many strollers ranging from the most basic models to the fanciest strollers you can imagine (also with fancy price tags). Find something that’s just right for you and your lifestyle.

What age does it accommodate?

Perhaps you have a newborn on the way. If this is the case, check to make sure the stroller has a bassinet mode or deep recline mode. It just means you are able to place your newborn inside without any additional accessories needed, and they will be safe and secure.

Many strollers only accommodate kids that are able to support their own necks, which doesn’t happen until about 6 months of age. Thus, you might need additional accessories to accommodate your newborn, such as a bassinet attachment.

How adaptable is the stroller?

You might be getting a stroller on the cheap at first but paying more for a model that grows with the child (goes from infant to toddler) can really pay off. If you plan on using the same stroller for the same kids, go for a model that adapts to changing families.

You can look for models that include a stand & ride feature, the option to add on an infant seat, or a car seat, for example.

Ease of Use?

How easy is it to unfold and fold this stroller? You will probably be holding your little one (or they will be in their car seat waiting) as you try to unfold the stroller. Can you do it safely and easily? Look for a video online of somebody using the stroller you are most interested in.

Also, ask how it performs on various terrain. Sure, you might do most of your walking in the city, but what if your family wants to go for a trail walk or beach walk? Ask how it performs before making a snap decision.

Safety Features

What can this stroller do to keep your kids safe? Does it have sun protection? Can it keep the rain off them if you get caught in a downpour? How are the brakes? Does it have seatbelts and harnesses to keep kids safe in case you stop short? Verify all this and more before buying.


Now that you know how awesome Contour strollers are, which one do you have your eye on? These are genuinely the greatest strollers yet- they look good, perform like a dream, and will serve you for years to come.

They are truly a parent’s best friend when it comes to taking two small children out for a walk or getting around the mall easier. Enjoy and happy walking!

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