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Best Travel Baby Crib

Traveling can be challenging when taking care of a child. That’s why having all the tools handy is such a great investment. Parents can use a wide range of tools to help make their travel experience better, but one of the best is a good travel crib when dealing with babies. There is a wide range of options, so we wanted to gather together some of the best travel baby cribs on the market and take an in-depth look at them to help any parents out there who are trying to make this decision.

Travel Baby Crib Reviews

Lotus Travel Crib


Lotus Travel Crib - Backpack Portable, Lightweight, Easy to Pack Play-Yard with Comfortable Mattress - Certified Baby Safe


The first travel baby crib on the list is a lightweight play yard style option. This certified baby-safe unit comes with a comfortable mattress and several other features that make it ideal for those parents looking for a crib that is travel friendly. 


This baby crib is designed to fold compactly for better transport and comes with a lightweight backpack-style carrying case. Weighing in at only 13 pounds, it is easy to carry and the setup takes only 15 seconds. Along with this, the unit is certified safe and non-toxic and crafted with a mesh exterior for better airflow and breathability. The carrying case and the crib itself come with a soft foam pad that makes it easily comfortable for any child to sleep in.

There are so many wonderful things about this travel crib from Lotus. As we said above, the crib is designed for a fast and easy setup. This makes it ideal for any parent looking to have someplace to contain their child on long trips. Along with this, features like the lightweight material and the side zip door make it convenient and portable, which only adds to this crib’s benefits.

The materials themselves may be the best thing about this unit, though. Not only are they durable and lightweight, but they are also certified safe. On top of this, the unit is quite easily kept clean because of the materials used.

That being said, a few issues need to be addressed before any final decisions are made. There have been some parents that find the Velcro system to secure the bedding quite challenging to utilize. On top of that, though the backpack fits the crib, it is very snug and challenging sometimes when in a hurry.


  • Crib is designed for a fast and easy setup
  • Unit is crafted with a side zip door for convenient access to baby
  • Utilizes lightweight material for improved portability
  • Materials used are durable for longer life and ability to stand up to the rigors
  • Design to be able to be cleaned easily


  • Some find that the Velcro system is not as secure as they would like
  • Issues with the size of the backpack

Baby Björn Light Travel Crib

BabyBjörn Travel Crib Light - Black (040280US), One Size


Traveling with a child can be quite challenging, so having access to a place to keep them busy is key. This lightweight travel crib from Baby Björn is simply designed but packed with tons of great features to help parents out there do just that.


This crib is crafted with high-quality materials, including polyester and cotton. Included with it is a mattress created with PU foam that is durable, soft, and comfortable. The unit is finished with a full mesh wrap around for more breathability. Each of the textiles included in the crib is removable for easier setup and maintenance. The crib is crafted to be utilized for children up to age three.

Being a new parent can be challenging. There are a lot of new skills that will have to be learned. The last thing any parent wants to do is add trying to figure out how to set up a crib, especially when traveling. This unit is quite simple and easy to set up and takedown, which can be vitally important during a trip. The unit folds down into a compact size and slides easily into the lightweight and portable carrying case.

All the materials, including those utilized in the mattress, are kid-friendly and safe. Along with this, the mattress materials are comfortable and soft but still leave the child a good level of firmness for support. This, combined with the fact that all of the removable materials from this crib are machine washable, makes it a great choice for just about any parent.

Just because there are so many great aspects to this crib design doesn’t mean there are not a few drawbacks that could be a problem for some. Unfortunately, the carrying case that this crib goes into is large enough that it may not fit in a suitcase which may mean checking it separately. Also, some find the price tag to be a little bit steep which means if they are parents working on a budget, this may not be the right option for them.


  • Even a new parent can set up and take this crib down easily
  • Comes with a compact carrying case that is lightweight and easy to transport
  • Mattress included in the purchase is comfortable and soft but firm
  • All materials used our eco-healthy and friendly
  • Unit is designed to be machine washable


  • Carrying case is large enough that it may not fit in many suitcases
  • Some find the price tag to be a bit on the steep side

BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel Crib BABY JOY Baby Foldable Travel Crib, 2 in 1 Portable Playpen with Soft Washable Mattress, Side Zipper Design, Lightweight Installation-Free Home Playard with Carry Bag, for Infants & Toddlers (Grey)


With many great features added, this travel crib from BABY JOY makes it a great option for all parents who love to travel. The easy mobility feature makes it great for traveling and relocating even inside the house when needed and a pleasure to use.



With this baby travel crib’s easy setup and take-down feature, you will not waste any time while traveling. It also adds to the overall mobility for traveling parents who need to be on the road as quickly as possible.


Very lightweight but durable construction makes it quite easy to carry around when you are on the move. The small form means you can pack this crib easily, and the comfortable back carry option further increases the ease of use.


The full-height mesh sides of the crib keep your baby safe while it provides an unobstructed view of the baby. Adding to the safety feature, all materials used in construction are safe to use with your baby. The mesh sides also have a zipper door so your baby can get in and out as they please once they are old enough.


This crib comes with a fair price tag attached to it which only serves to increase its attractiveness. This will also put it in reach of many parents out there who are working with a tight budget.


With the thin mattress you get with this travel crib, you need to add some extra firmness and support for your baby. If you want to add thickness, a thicker mattress will cost you some extra money, which adds to the overall price tag.



  • It is easy to set it up and take it down
  • The crib is made with a lightweight construction
  • It is made from baby safe materials
  • You have a clear view of your baby all the time


  • The mattress is a bit on the thin side for some

Graco Travel Lite Crib

Graco My View 4 in Baby Bassinet with 4 Stages Including Raised Bassinet at Eye Level, Montana




Having the ability to transform a travel crib into multiple different forms, such as a bassinet and play yard, can be quite beneficial. That’s why many parents love this travel lite crib from Graco. 


Graco is a name that many parents are familiar with. The company has crafted baby accessories and equipment for decades and heralded a reputation for high-quality and functioning pieces. That includes this portable crib that is outfitted with an adjustable bassinet and crafted utilizing lightweight materials. It is designed to be 20% smaller than other play yards and is easy to fit in multiple locations.

Like with everything, a travel crib’s value and durability rely on the materials and construction utilized in its manufacturing. This unit has a sturdy, compact frame and is designed to be smaller to fit in a wide range of locations. The crib’s design encompasses multiple stages that can be utilized and a canopy that improves privacy. Along with all that, the high-quality soft, comfortable sleeping pad makes this a great choice for any child.

The truth is that versatility is the word that is best suited to describe this travel crib. But another word that might be used is mobility. The crib itself is crafted with two legs finished with wheels so that a parent can move the bassinet/crib from one location to another very easily.

Even with all those amazing features, though, there are still a few issues when it comes to this travel crib. Though it has nothing to do with the performance, the unit is only available in one color. For those parents that care about décor, this could be a problem. Also, finding sheets that fit the pad may be challenging because of the compact size.


  • Unit is crafted with a compact frame which allows it to fit in smaller spaces
  • Sleeping pad included in the crib’s packaging is quite soft for more comfortable sleep
  • Designed with a canopy cover for improved privacy
  • Crib comes with wheels on one end of it for improved mobility
  • Crafted with multiple stages for improved versatility of use


  • Unit is only available in one color
  • Some find it difficult to find sheets for the pad due to its size

4moms Breeze Go Travel Crib

4moms Breeze GO Portable Travel Playard, for Baby, Infant, and Toddler, Easy One-Handed Setup, from The Makers of The mamaRoo


The last portable travel crib on our list is designed for easy use and comes with a streamlined design so that parents can keep their kids in view at all times. All of the features included in this design make it a wonderful option, especially for those parents traveling solo. 


This travel light crib is designed with a simple one-hand setup and takedown. This makes it super simple for parents that are looking to move the crib from one room to the other or even one house to the other with ease. The mattress included in the purchase is water-resistant, and the unit is completely surrounded by high-quality mesh for improved ventilation. Coupled with the bassinet and removable changer, this is quite an investment.

It’s always nice when, as a parent, one can handle things independently. Both parents are not always present or available, so the one-handed setup and takedown may be the best feature of this crib. It is also designed with high-quality materials for more durability and a modern design so that it matches a wide range of décor.

As we said above, a removable changer and bassinet feature gives it versatility. The unit folds down into a compact frame and is easily stored in the accompanying carrying case.

But there are some drawbacks. For instance, a mattress sheet is not included in the purchase, which means you will have to spend extra money on top of the price tag attached to this crib. Also, the unit does weigh more than many of its competitors because of the size and the included accessories.


  • Unit is crafted to be set up and taken down with a one-hand technique
  • Crib is crafted with a modern design for a more pleasing aesthetic no matter the room’s décor
  • Designers used premium grade materials for a longer life cycle
  • Crafted with a removable changer and bassinet feature
  • Unit breaks down into a compact frame for easy storage in the carrying case


  • Sheets are not included, so there will be further expenditure financially
  • Some find it heavier than other options available

Final Thoughts

Having a travel baby crib that offers versatility and comfort is a good tool for any parent to have in their arsenal. The models that we looked at above are some of the best available today and offer a wide range of features to elevate comfort and usability for both the parent and the child.

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