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Best Nursing Tops And Dresses

It’s more than possible to go through the whole nursing experience without special clothing. That said, there are just so many benefits to having something that is specially designed for this wonderful experience.

These types of dresses and tops are made of fabrics that take the nursing mom into account. They’re comfortable and their openings are so well disguised, you won’t know they’re there unless you look for them!

A nursing top means you can feed comfortably wherever you find yourself. Everything about these tops and dresses is designed around discretion. If you’re uncomfortable about feeding when other people are around, these dresses and tops are exactly the things you’ve been waiting for!

And gone are the days of baggy outfits that have no semblance to the fashion of the day! Oh, no, these items of clothing are loose enough to flatter your figure and hip enough to make a statement all by themselves.

To show you what is available, and what it can do for you, we’ve put this article together as a sort of fashion show.

Here is our selection:

  1. A summer nursing shirt with short sleeves
  2. A plus-size nursing shirt from Savi Mom
  3. A cold shoulder summer top by Bearsland
  4. Nursing tank tops by Bearsland
  5. Layered nursing tops by Ekouaer
  6. A casual nursing shirt by BEAdressy
  7. A plus-size nursing top by Bearsland
  8. A casual breastfeeding tunic by Quinee
  9. A nursing shirt by Smallshow
  10. A nursing tank by Bearsland

It’s important to feel comfortable and to feel good at the same time. These tops will do just that for you.

#1 A Summer Nursing Shirt With Short Sleeves

Ekouaer Women's Short Sleeve Button Down Nursing Shirt Summer Maternity Tops Round Neck Breastfeeding Tunic (Light Grey L)


The material on this shirt is gentle on your skin, especially the sensitive places, and it is breathable. In short – it’s absolutely great for summer.

It’s super easy to nurse with this shirt, and you’ll look on top of your game while you do it. It has a double-layered front that makes breastfeeding both discreet and comfortable.


  • It’s a comfortable cotton blend
  • Ultra-breathable
  • The double-layer front makes it really convenient
  • When you’re nursing, the one layer will hang to obscure your breast


  • This shirt has not had ONE negative review or comment anywhere!

#2 A plus-size nursing shirt from Savi Mom

Savi Mom Plus Size Maternity & Nursing/Breastfeeding Top Made in USA (Charcoal Gray, 1X)


This top was primarily designed for breastfeeding. But it’s ideal to wear while you’re pregnant too. It’s a tie-front and the openings beneath are no-fuss when you want to feed.

The material is soft and gentle and you can get creative with the way you wear it. It’s one shirt, but many styles!


  • It’s made in the good old US of A
  • Nursing access is really easy
  • It has a V-neck
  • It’s machine washable and you can tumble dry the garment too
  • The material really is super soft


  • This garment has not had a single negative review!

#3 A cold shoulder summer top by Bearsland

Best Nursing Tops And Dresses


Clothes that maintain that feminine line when you breastfeed just make you feel great all over. This top does just that. The design has a whole lot of very clever layering, so discretion is yours if you want it. It will up your range of nursing attire with a wonderfully classy attitude.


  • It fits both breastfeeding and pregnant moms
  • GREAT with skinny jeans!
  • Perfect for special occasions


  • This product has not had a SINGLE negative review!

#4 Nursing tank tops by Bearsland

Bearsland Women's 3 Pack Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Tank Tops Breastfeeding Shirts,red+Blue+Green,s


These are awash with bright and happy colors and have comfortable openings for feeding or pumping. It has a beautiful neckline and the material is hardy and stretchy. This is the perfect top for work.


  • It’s great for work and for special occasions
  • The front layer lifts for feeding or nursing
  • It’s wearable as a nursing top, or as a pregnancy garment


  • This product has not had a SINGEL bad review!

#5 Layered nursing tops by Ekouaer

Ekouaer Nursing Tops Womens Layered Maternity T Shirts Short Sleeve Shirts for Breastfeeding Pregnancy Mama Clothes Grey L


This is either a nursing top or a pregnancy top. Again, it has a super-comfortable, layered pattern that flatters every kind of figure


  • It works as maternity wear and as a nursing top
  • It’s really easy to pump with this top – just lift up one layer for access.
  • The fabric is really soft and gentle on the skin
  • If used as pregnancy wear, the fabric and design leaves more than enough room for a growing belly
  • These tops make great gifts


  • This product has no negative reviews

#6 A casual nursing shirt by BEAdressy

BEAdressy Women Stripe Print Off Shoulder Long Sleeve Nursing Tops Breastfeeding Shirts (L, Red/White)


This shirt’s design helps that post-pregnancy figure. And the design is great at hiding leaks. The fashion sense of this top allows it to be worn every day, and you can feed or pump discreetly because of the double-layer design.


  • The material is a breathable, skin-caring, cotton blend
  • The double-layer hides the bra and is convenient at the same time
  • It works for nursing and also as maternity wear
  • The layer hangs down when you feed in public, and it hides the breast.
  • Great for every-day, the beach, a vacation – it’s REALLY comfortable


  • This product has not had a SINGLE negative review

#7 A plus size nursing top by Bearsland

Bearsland Women' Maternity Clothes Sleeveless Comfy Breastfeeding Shirts Nursing Tops,bluegray,Large


This top is fantastic for summer. It will help you to feel pretty and breezy! The design is an ancient Greek throwback and it has all the comfort and convenience of a great breastfeeding top. It has both freedoms of movement, and all the elegance you could possibly want!


  • The material is elastic – there’s more than enough room to move in it
  • It has a high style waist
  • The double-layer makes breastfeeding and pumping really easy


  • This shirt has only positive reviews across the Internet

#8 A casual breastfeeding tunic by Quinee

Quinee Women's Casual Button Side Nursing Tops Maternity Breastfeeding Tunic, Beige, Small


There’s always beauty in simplicity. The elegance of this shirt is accentuated by the side buttons. It’s breezy and it’s light to wear. Simply slide one side over the top when you want to nurse.


  • The fabrics are really skin-friendly
  • It closes with easy buttons
  • You can hand wash it


  • This top has had NO negative reviews on the Internet

#9 A nursing shirt by Smallshow

Smallshow Women's Maternity Nursing Tops Short Sleeve Modal Breastfeeding Shirt Medium Dark Green


This top is the epitome of style for the post-partum mom. It’s efficient, and it’s truly cute! The ruffles on the side design will flatter your post-partum figure, and it’s really easy to nurse and pump with this top.


  • This top is lightweight and stretchy at the same time
  • Breastfeeding or pumping is really easy in this top
  • It looks just like a normal top – if you don’t know better, you’d think it was!
  • Great for all occasions


  • This top has had NO negative reviews on the Internet

#10 A nursing tank by Bearsland

Bearsland Women's 3 Packs Maternity Nursing Tank Tops Sleeveless Breastfeeding Shirt,bluef+pinkf+grayf,L


You’ll feel like summer adventures in this tank. It’s both comfy and light – and it’s super-trendy too. Ultra-feminine with its ruffles and floral design, this could become one of your favorites. The ruffles conceal your breasts when you’re nursing, and the straps are adjustable for the most comfortable fit.


  • The design on this top is really smart – adjustable straps make all the difference
  • Suitable for daytime and nighttime
  • Great with jeans or leggings
  • The ruffles that hide the breast when nursing, is a really clever design


  • This top has yet to get a bad review

What to Wear and How to Choose When You’re Nursing?

Breastfeeding is a fantastic experience for any mom. The experience is only enhanced when you have the right gear and the right clothes. You essentially want some flexibility.

So, here are a few tips to help you select what you want to wear when you’re nursing.

Nursing Bras and Tanks Rule!

The foundation of your wardrobe will always be a proper bra and a functional tank.

Wear Your Tank Under Your Clothes

If you feel uncovered when you nurse, a tank under your clothes will give you a safer, more covered feeling.

Button-Downs Are Always the Coolest

Everything is now about quick access. A button-down will do just that for you. And these shirts now come in great and sexy designs too.

Go with Straps

If you’re doing a night in, or if you’re scratching around for something for a night out, your best friend as a breastfeeding mom is something that wraps. Zips in the back is a no-no. When you have layers, you can be as discreet and private as you need or want to be.

A V-Neck Is Always Good

They’re comfortable and they’re casual. And they make you feel just great. A larger neck size will allow you to easily pull your neck down. And don’t be too concerned about stretching the neck out – blended polyester will have enough elasticity to prevent that.

Don’t Stop Wearing Your Bella Band

If you wore it during pregnancy, why stop now! It’s really useful while your breastfeeding. It will help you make your way through different jean sizes, and will also help to cover your torso. And, of course, there’s that added layer of privacy …

Crossover Tops Whenever You Can

This is also a breastfeeding mother’s close and intimate friend. You can get them all over the place. Of all the tops, they’re probably the easiest to maneuver when nursing.

Finish Things Off with A Scarf

A scarf is one of those magnificently versatile fashion accessories. And when you’re breastfeeding, it’s brilliant too. You can drape it over yourself and your baby for extra coverage and privacy.

Peasant Wear Is in Again

These tops are so chic in their own way. And they make you look beautiful wherever you are. They’re easy to adjust if you have to feed or pump on the go.

Simply Go Topless!

This will probably work better at home than elsewhere, but it’s still the most comfortable, and some would argue the healthiest option. If you’re cold, just wrap yourself and your baby in a blanket and snuggle a while.


Breastfeeding is SU an exciting and feminine time. A good and functional wardrobe will just make it better for you. Every day.

It takes just a little thinking to build your wardrobe, and there’s ABSOLUTELY no reason for your clothes to be any less fashionable and attractive than they were before the baby!

Happy fitting!

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