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Best Dog Breeds For Kids

Dogs are man’s best friends and have been for thousands of years. Not only that, but they are great for teaching our kids responsibility, and taking care of other creatures helps them to take care of themselves.

That being said, not all of our favorite dog breeds get along well with kids. Did you know that despite how beautiful Siberian Huskies are, they are not very good with small kids?

So, when looking for a dog to go well with your young kids, it’s important to know about the breed itself. That is why I am going to take this time to go over the best dog breeds for kids.

Best Dog Breeds for Kids

There are a lot of factors that come into play when considering the breed of dog you are wanting to bring into your home. Their temperament, energy levels, patience, and just how pack-oriented they are.

Just because a dog is visually appealing does not mean that they are going to get along well with your young kids. Some dogs just don’t have the patience for being jumped on and pulled at, and if they aren’t up for it, you have a risk of injury on your hands.

To prevent your kid from getting hurt and a poor dog being put down, do your research first before buying that puppy. For example, your kid may have just watched 101 Dalmatians and might be begging you for one.

Do not ever buy a dalmatian for a young child unless you personally know how to handle them. Despite being a popular kids movie, dalmatians are terrible with young kids due to their poor temperament.

With that being said, let me take a moment to go over dog breeds that are appropriate for your precious darlings.

#1  Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is a great dog for anybody, no matter how young or old they are. These dogs are patient, loyal and are just one of the sweetest breeds imaginable.

They are popular for more reasons than how adorable they are, after all. They are incredibly friendly and get along with not just kids but also other dogs and cats.

They are an energetic breed, but not so much to where they will be overbearing with your kids. Kids and labs are peas and carrots simply because they will wear each other out with how much they play together.

They are easy to train, which is a good thing when you are also worrying yourself about chasing kids around. They’ll learn how to go outside and do their business quickly so that you won’t have to scrub the carpet for too long.

They are a short-hair breed, so there’s not too much grooming involved either, another blessing in disguise. They’re also not constant barkers, even though they can get rather loud at times.

#2  Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

Let’s face it – a Golden Retriever is basically a long-haired Labrador. They are well-behaved, loyal, and very friendly dogs that love to play and love kids.

They are fantastic with kids and other animals, making them one of the most popular family animals in the USA. And like the Labrador, they are also very active and will love wearing your kids out for a nice, long nap.

They are incredibly smart and easy to train, loving to do anything at all to please their owners. They’ll know so many tricks before you know it, and you definitely won’t regret getting this dog.

One of the only problems you’ll face with the Golden is all that fur, but you actually won’t have as much as you might expect. Mass amounts of shedding are seasonal, and only occasional grooming is absolutely necessary.

Of course, you’re going to have some fur on your clothes, but that’s going to happen with almost any dog you get. Having fur on everything you own is part of the commitment of owning any pet.

#3  French Bulldog

Best Dog Breeds for Kids - French Bulldog

Most small dogs are not very good with children and can be rather vicious despite how adorable they are. The French Bulldog is one of the exceptions to this rule, and they are good for the low-maintenance family that doesn’t have a lot of time for a constantly going puppy.

They’re not as easy to train as the Retrievers, but they are easy-going and adapt well to numerous environments. If you are stuck living in an apartment, getting a small easy-going dog like a French Bulldog would be much better for you than an active Retriever anyway.

This is a quiet dog that will love simply snuggling up with your kids as they watch their cartoons in a daze. They will be your kid’s best friend and will love to keep them company every night as they sleep.

They are a short-hair breed and doesn’t require a whole lot of grooming, giving it even more points to the family with working parents. A good temperament, small, and easy to groom?

It’s like a match made in heaven for the city-dwelling family looking for a small dog to add to their family. They don’t seem as popular as other dogs, but they are definitely underrated.

#4  CollieBest Dog Breeds for Kids - Collie

It’s crazy to think about the fact that so many kids today would be able to look at a Collie and not immediately think of Lassie. Lassie was the perfect example of a Collie: devoted and protective of their owners.

Collies are great family dogs with their good temperament when it comes to little kids. There are just a couple of things that you need to be aware of before choosing this breed just to have a Lassie of your own.

Collies are herding dogs, meaning that they are incredibly active and need a lot of room to be able to run around. This is not a dog to get if you don’t have a yard for them to be able to get out and play in.

Next is the fur; goodness gracious, all of that fur. Collies are long-haired, and you will be facing a seasonal shedding problem you may not be ready for.

Last but not least is that Collies tend to be on the vocal side when it comes to barking, so you’ll need to be ready for a barking dog. This doesn’t mean all Collies are barkers, but it’s definitely something to just walk into this breed expecting.

#5  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Best Dog Breeds for Kids Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Another small dog that is fantastic with young children is the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (or any of the spaniels like the Cocker Spaniel for that matter). They are very easy-going and laid-back dogs that are just as adorable as their calm temperament.

This is another great dog for the family that doesn’t have time for lots of activity. They are more than happy to just cuddle and relax than constantly running around and wanting to always play.

Due to their long fur, they do require a combing every now and again, but there won’t be any struggle with it when it comes to this breed. It’s actually good to try and teach your kids how to gently brush them and watch just how the two bonds over something like a simple brushing.

They are easy to train and don’t do a lot of barking, which makes them ideal for apartment living. If a French Bulldog isn’t your cup of tea, then maybe the Cavalier King Charles is.

They are graceful, small dogs that your kids will love to cuddle with. All-in-all, Spaniels are fantastic breeds to have at home with your kids.

#6  Beagle

Best Dog Breeds for Kids - Beagle

I don’t know of anyone who looks at a Beagle and thinks to themselves what an ugly dog that is. Beagles are cute in their own right, and they will immediately cause your kids to lose their minds over the adorable little face it has.

They are an active breed that has a good bit of energy, but they also enjoy some cuddle time at home when playtime is over. With a daily walk and a run around in the yard, they will be good to come inside and cuddle with your kids at night without any trouble.

They are not huge shedders and don’t require a lot of grooming either. Their fur is short and coarse, so as long as they are brushed occasionally and washed when needed, you won’t have too many problems with this dog.

However, Beagles are huge barkers, and they’ll be bound to tell you all about it. This is a breed that will hear something outside and then bark about it for the following ten minutes.

This can be a small price to pay with how happy your kids will be with their brand-new Beagle best friend. These dogs are always friendly and happy to be with the ones that they love.

#7  Irish Setter

Best Dog Breeds for Kids - Irish Setter

If you have a huge yard or live anywhere that a dog can get plenty of exercises, then you might want to consider the Irish Setter for your family. This is a beautiful dog with a fantastic temperament that is bound to love your kids just as much as they love it.

They are incredibly active and require lots of room to run and have fun just being a dog. Your kids will love to run along with this dog and play with them until they all drop on the floor at home for some cuddle and rest time.

They require grooming at least once a week due to their long fur and constant need for activity. Their fur is long and wavy, and it can easily get matted if not taken care of correctly.

They are not huge barkers and will only bark when startled, or they think it’s necessary to do so. This quiet breed is also easy to train, which is a requirement when you’re dealing with young kids.

Irish Setters are very out-going and sweet-natured dogs that love everyone around them and don’t have a mean bone in their body. Beautiful, inside and out.

Things to Think About First

Now, before you decide to run out and get a dog, there are some things you should really stop to think about first. There are far too many instances where a family gets a dog, thinking it is a good idea just to take it to the pound when they realize it wasn’t right for their family.

In order to stop this from happening to you as well, I want you to take some things into account and really think about it first. Getting a dog is a serious commitment for your entire family, after all.

Do You Have the Time?

Dogs, especially puppies, require a lot of time for a number of reasons. If it’s a puppy that you are getting, you need to remember one thing: puppies are kids, not unlike your own.

They require a lot of attention and help to learn about the world around them. They don’t start off knowing the difference between right and wrong, and it requires you to give them time and positive reinforcement for them to learn.

That is what training really is: you are helping them to learn about the world and the difference between right and wrong. Yes, even going outside to use the potty is part of this.

If you don’t actually have the time to work with a dog, puppy or adult, and teach them the rules of your house, it may not be a good time for you to get a dog. It would probably be best to wait until you do have the time to do so.

Did You Research the Breed?

Each breed of dog has its own quirks, and you should really get to know the breed before going out to buy a dog. Knowing the breed, you are coming home with will help you to know what to expect in terms of training it and the hyperactivity you are going to face.

Something else to keep in mind is how much does this dog bark? Do you think that constant barking will work to wake up the baby if you happen to have one at home?

If you do have a baby at home and it wakes from sleeping because of the barking, are you going to be ready to put them back down? All dogs bark, and the baby waking because of it is bound to happen.

I know it can be stressful, and it would infuriate me sometimes when the dogs would wake my baby, but I wasn’t about to get rid of our pet because of it. Instead, I learned about a method called Baby Sleep Miracle on how to get him back to sleep, and it worked like a charm.

In the end, I learned how to get my son to sleep soundly and worked to teach the dog not to bark so much when it was dark outside. It was all because I researched the breed, a Labrador Retriever, and found out how to train her properly.

Are You Really Committed?

Getting a pet, especially a dog who is loyal and devoted to their family, is a lifetime commitment. Until either you or the dog passes away, you two will be together for all of the time, unless your kid takes it when they move out.

Let that thought sink in: your kids are probably young right now, but there’s a possibility they will take the dog with them when they move out. That’s how long you will have this dog.

It will be stressful at times, but you are doing this for your kids and because you wanted to have a pet around. It will require a lot of training, stopping them from getting into the trash, and taking them to the vet whenever they are sick.

A dog is for life, and they will love you forever, even if you get sick of them and abandon them. If there’s any doubt in your mind that this is a good move for your family, don’t do it.

It will hurt the dog a lot more than it will hurt you if you have to get rid of it for any reason. Check your kids for allergies first and thoroughly research the breed; don’t just take this list as proof the dog is for you.


The last thing that I want to do is talk you out of your decision to buy a dog for your family. I have a firm belief that having a dog is good for your kids in terms of teaching them responsibility, but it’s also good for their mental health.

Kids who have dogs tend to have softer hearts and think more about those around them instead of just themselves. Pets are an important part of growing up.

I hope that you find the perfect dog for your family and that your kids grow up knowing what it’s like to have a furry best friend. If you had a dog as a kid, then you know how amazing it feels to come home to a happy, wiggling butt attached with a tail.

Get a dog that’s easy for you and good for your kids’ ages. You’ll thank me later than if you had just gotten a dog because it’s your “favorite breed.”

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