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Best Children’s Books By Age

You wake up at 6 am to the sound of children. The scene sets as your one-year-old screaming with all they’ve got and your five-year-old crying inconsolably because they seem to have lost their favorite blanket.

You’re just a sleep-deprived parent who wants some peace, a hot shower, and most importantly, some well-deserved sleep. Oh! To lay on some clean covers and rest on a soft pillow. That’s the dream, isn’t it?

We’re here today to help you, parents, out from this quicksand. In today’s article called Best Children’s Books by Age, you can find out how to keep your young ones busy and entertained AT ALL TIMES.

We’ll list some of the most resourceful children’s books by age that could be your extra parent-at-hand around the clock. Each book will have an honest review to help you pick the right one for your child.

Do Children’s Books Work?

As parents, you look for every possible way that could keep your energetic children at bay. Depending on the age of your young ones, you utilize toys, games, and now even smartphones.

But there’s one crucial weapon that you’re forgetting, and that’s books. What about them, you ask?

Books could be the simplest form for engaging your child. Whether it’s a coloring book for your five-year-old or a book of shapes for your three-year-old, they possess versatility.

Bring out your reading glasses, pour out some fresh juice, sit back, and read through the Best Children’s Books by Age to enlighten yourself and other helpless parents.

1.   Hear Bear Roar

World of Eric Carle, Hear Bear Roar 30 Animal Sound Book – Great Alternative to Toys for Christmas - PI Kids (Play-A-Sound)

The Hear Bear Roar from the World of Eric Carle seems to work as an alternative to toys. The book comes alive with the sound of different animals for your children to have a hands-on experience.

Touted to be a must-have by many thankful parents, Hear Bear Roar consists of 30 animal-themed buttons for your child to press and be a part of an exciting adventure on each new page.

Hear Bear Roar promotes interaction and tries to engage the young readers to recognize the sound of the animals. Many parents report this book to be useful for the three-year-old age group.

The primary feature of this book is to build the vocabulary of the children, which it does by connecting them with the sounds and pictures of each animal. The multisensory experience claims to open the gates of young children’s imaginations.

The illustrator Eric Carle seems to have brought this book to life through this art and strokes. You can find more information about the author and his other works here.

With help from Hear Bear Roar, you could involve your young ones in a healthy learning experience while building their language skills and reading through simple words and short sentences.

The book contains animal sounds ranging from dolphin to lobster, buffalo to a lion, and many more. These sounds come along with pictures and short descriptions that allow your child to relate the sounds with the images.

The Play-a-Sound module makes it easier for the young ones to perceive and register the sounds and work them along with the colorful illustrations. Eric Carle seems to have highlighted the necessity of colors in partnership with other sensory experiences for young children.

The pressing of the sound buttons helps the young children to match and compare their motor skills. The book claims to develop the children’s hand and eye coordination.

Several parents report that their young ones seem to enact the sounds they hear by pressing the buttons and immediately relate it to the particular animal. Additionally, few parents try to teach their children the spellings of those animals in conjunction with the sound.

The bestselling book has garnered a faithful community of parents who think that it’s a gripping way for their children to learn the names of animals. A lot of parents seem to appreciate the multipurpose value of Hear Bear Roar.

Eric Carle states that through his books, he tries to bridge the distance between home and school. His idea is that while a home represents security for a child, a school could be a strange experience at first.

Through his books, he tries to counter the overwhelming feelings of fear and replace it with a positive outlook for these young kids. He feels that children are always eager to learn, and his books depict that learning could be fun.

Is this book helpful?

Hear Bear Roar consists of a part of the building blocks of a young child’s vocabulary. Through the form of fascinating sounds and illustrations, this book carries the potential of being a permanent member of your home library for your young ones.

  • The book promotes a multisensory experience for your children.
  • As a parent, you could make changes and include add-ons such as spellings, colors, and much more to the learning process.

2.   My Magical Words

My Magical Words (The Magic of Me Series)

My Magical Words by Becky Cummings appears to be a decent platform for young children to learn how to promote confidence and self-esteem.

The book claims to help children with processing negative feelings about themselves. It strives to let the children understand their emotions.

My Magical Words is an experience through which the young children could perceive self-love and build confidence. You could think of it as a book depicting positive affirmations for your young ones.

Through My Magical Words, children will learn to speak; I AM statements that could empower them to give rise to positive feelings of hope, confidence, self-worth, and much more.

Teaching your children positive statements and feelings at a young age could prove beneficial in building their credence and reliance. The time you spend with your young ones reading this book could help them value the necessity of words and how they speak of themselves.

The book seems to be perfect for children aged three to seven as it works to tap into their minds and slowly build a sense of self-worth and trust.

Through her work, Becky Cummings hopes to instill in the children feelings of positivity, faith, and happiness. The author states that young children must possess the confidence to speak their minds.

Many parents and teachers report that the vocabulary, illustrations, and words are simple and easy for the children to perceive. The book claims to guide the kids towards positive traits that they could use in their life.

The book harnesses the power of humor, colors, shapes, and graphics to involve young children in the hopes of teaching them not only valuable classroom but life lessons as well.

Many parents also seem to appreciate the visibility and diversity, which presents itself through the vibrant and colorful illustrations.

My Magical Words hopes to portray a positive message for the young children that it’s alright to feel negative at times. The book strives to let the children understand that how they get out of those feelings towards the positive outlook is what matters.

Each page in the book possesses a different I AM statement followed by detailed and descriptive verses that overflow with positivity. These I AM statements help the children to relate it with confidence and morale.

With statements such as, I AM Beautiful, I AM Strong, and many others, My Magical Words has become a trusted resource for parents trying to teach confidence and self-love to their young ones.

Is this book helpful?

Self-worth and confidence are crucial attributes that must be a part of the foundation of young children. My Magical Words seems to be a source of these features in a child-friendly way.

  • The book works to instill self-love and praise in young children.
  • Through the use of vibrant illustrations, the book holds onto the perception of young children and utilizes it to benefit them in character building.

3.   What Should Danny Do? (The Power to Choose Series)

What Should Danny Do? (The Power to Choose Series)

What Should Danny Do? By Adir Levy appears as an interactive and empowering book for young children concerning their daily lives.  With nine stories, the book claims to help young children understand their choices that could shape their day.

The book claims that as young children read through the different storylines, they’ll understand how Danny made those choices and how they shaped his day. As a result, the children could relate to the character’s choices with routine.

With a “Choose Your Story” pattern, the book follows the chronicles of a young superhero Danny as he comes across choices that kids face through their day. Five-year-olds will appreciate being in control of the outcome as they will get to make Danny’s choices.

The book allows children to read the story and help Danny make a choice. There are nine possible endings, which results in multiple answers.

What Would Danny Do promises a lesson behind every choice your child makes. Each strives to teach children the meaning of sharing, empathy, patience, and other necessary traits.

The book claims to shape the social and emotional skills of young children by putting them in situations wherein they are the ones who make the final call.

The end lesson of the book is to teach the children that their choices are what shapes their days and turns them into what they could be. It’s this feature that makes this book a favorite amongst the parents.

With captivating vocabulary and detailed graphics, young children get the best of essential learning experience paired with the vibrance of colors and shapes.

Additionally, the book also claims to help understand young children the repercussions of one wrong choice and what effects it may have on others. They could be able to graph the concept of right from wrong and empathy towards others.

Another attractive feature of the book and its characters is that young children relate themselves to Danny. Many parents report that the kids enjoy seeing how the story could change depending on those choices.

A lot of parents appreciate the book as a decent teaching tool for their young ones. The book seems to be a platform to help the children understand the role of their choices in what will happen next.

The principle of What Would Danny Do is to make the kids understand their power to choose. Through the use of visual aids and vocabulary, the book instills in young children their ability to understand the result of each choice they make.

The book isn’t after the right choice but after the will to make it and perceive it.

Is this book helpful?

What Would Danny Do is a beacon for young children to understand their outlook towards the simplest of situations. Whether it’s choosing which color to fill in the sun or which book to read, the choice is theirs.

  • The book seems to be an essential tool that allows children to understand the power of their choices.
  • The book claims to guide the children between the right and the wrong choice.

4.   I Am Confident, Brave, & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

Here’s a book that caters to the complex yet the beautiful mind of the girl child. The coloring book is about strengthening a girl’s confidence and imagination.

The book’s coloring pages seem to encourage young girls to open the barriers to their imagination. It claims to inspire conversations with peers and parents about the meaning of confidence.

The coloring book features line drawings in black and white that depict attributes such as bravery, character depth, intelligence, creativity, and much more. Your young daughters could get a chance to understand the abstract meaning through colors and shapes.

Along with promoting a positive outlook and creativity, the book also highlights the necessity of education in a fun and enjoyable way. Young girls get to learn shapes, colors, and related schemes, and more.

Hopscotch Girls states that the book is suitable for girls between two to seven years of age and works to push through the stereotypes. It positively impacts the girls’ minds and guides them towards streams other than art.

The coloring book appears to develop an interest in arts and the associated works. But that’s not where it stops. It also lets young girls venture into themes, designs, and other works.

The book has a foundation that works to build confidence in young girls. It also seems to provide them with a platform to express themselves through the meaning of colors and vibrancy.

I Am Confident, Brave, and Beautiful seems to be a decent gift for any young girl. If you want an activity for your toddler, pre-schooler, or kindergarten-aged daughter, this book exhibits the potential which could go a long way in shaping her mind.

The book features hundreds of illustrations such as nature, science, instruments, pieces of equipment, and much more that allow your daughters to tap into their interests. The book isn’t only for coloring but to get a hands-on experience.

The book also seems to be useful for budding artists. It stands out from the rest in the market because it claims to focus on lifting the spirits of young girls and let them enjoy as they want to.

The book features a heavier paper that seems to work well with most art and craft supplies such as colored pencils, crayons, pens, etc. It also seems to partner up with glitter-glue, stickers, and other crafts-themed supplies.

The book appears to be a fun group activity as well. Girls having a play-date could take out their colors and pencils and have a grand time celebrating friendship while participating in activities.

I Am Confident, Brave, and Beautiful claims to empower young girls by harnessing positive affirmations through colors. Each page contains a graphic that represents building blocks for character growth.

Is this book helpful?

I must answer yes to this question without any hesitation. As a girl, I can tell you that self-confidence is a must for a strong personality. If this book appears to have even the slightest chance of doing that for your daughter, then you should go ahead with it.

  • The book promotes activity through empowerment.
  • The book could result in bonding time for your daughter with her peers.

5.   Five-minute Stories: Over 50 Tales and Fables

Five-minute Stories: Over 50 Tales and Fables

If your young ones enjoy timeless classics such as Jack and the Beanstalk or Aladdin, then Five-minute Stories could be your go-to book. The five-minute reads are a treasure-trove of stories, fairy tales, and fables that your children will love.

The enchanting five-minute tales could fit into any time of your day. Whether it’s an early morning wake up read or a bedtime story, it consists of fifty stories for your children to enjoy.

The classic collection consists of graceful yet vibrant illustrations that bring about the stories to life. Read through the tales of The Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, and others to acclimate your children with their favorite characters.

The book contains short stories that you can read along with your young ones in about five minutes. As adults, it allows you to set the time and the number of lines you want to read in a day.

The book also favors bonding time with your children. You could heat the fireplace and sit on the couch under a blanket with your young ones and enjoy some quality storytime.

Through this book, you could harness the power of the classics to teach a valuable lesson to your children as each new story ends. They could learn the value of empathy through Cinderella and the importance of honesty through The Boy Who Cried Wolf.

With this book, your children will understand that there’s always time to read together. That’s the beauty of Five-minute Stories. And it works well for children between the ages of three to seven.

The book also seems to help grow the vocabulary and reading skills of your children. Transform the storytime into a reading session with the five-minute tales and let your children take control of the reins.

For more vivid details, you could play dress-up and bring Rapunzel, Pinocchio, and many others to life. Isn’t that a great way to spend quality time with your children?

Five-minute Stories seems to be a great way to build and polish the narration skills of your child. Teach them the appropriate actions for each of the sentences and make way for a new storyteller amidst your family.

Is this book helpful?

When has classic ever gone out of style? Utilize the aura of these stories and make way for an enjoyable five minutes with your young ones.

  • The book takes inspiration from the classics and portrays it with a simple twist.
  • It claims to open the imagination of your children to the world of the past.

Wait, There’s More

Dear parents, today’s article has served you well. Five books with versatile qualities for your children to learn reading, enhance their vocabulary, and polish their other skills.

Now, isn’t that what a parent wants for their child?

If you’re looking for more guidance for your children’s reading skills, you should take a look at Children Learning Reading. It’s a program that many parents swear by and claims that it works well for young children.

Who knows, the program may work for your young ones as well.


As parents, you’ll never know which books your children like unless you don’t go for a test drive. Transform the books into your children’s best friends.

Whether it’s the A, B, or C’s, fill in the colors, or name these objects, books are there to be your partner in the journey of parenthood. And a partner that won’t pretend to sleep when it’s their turn to cater to the agitated child.

So, take advantage of the plethora of children’s books by age and let your young ones open their imaginations.

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