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Best Baby Formula For Constipation

All babies suffer from digestive issues now and then. Constipation can ruin your child’s sleeping pattern and cause them a great deal of discomfort as well. Therefore, taking care of your child’s digestive issues could be the key to help them sleep well and grow quickly.

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best formulas out there that remedy constipation among babies and evaluate the pros and cons of each. Read on to find out which product is best suited to your baby’s needs.

Product Reviews

In this section, we’ll discuss some of the best products out there that can relieve your baby of constipation and give them a good nights’ sleep. Make sure you go through the features, pros, and cons of each product to buy only the best for your baby.

Gerber Good Start Gentle Non-GMO Powder

Gerber Good Start Gentle (HMO) Non-GMO Powder Infant Formula, Stage 1, 20 Ounce (Pack of 6)


This is one of the very best products out there in terms of replicating natural breast milk as closely as possible. Since Gerber is a reputed brand offering quality baby food around the world, it’s no surprise that this product comes highly recommended by nutritionists and pediatricians.


  • It’s suitable for babies up to 12 months old
  • It’s very easy on the digestive system and gives your baby soft stools
  • This formula is essentially a blend of proteins, DHA, and probiotics that are greatly beneficial for babies
  • The nutritional balance in this formula is suited to a baby’s growth needs
  • The DHA also aids the quick development of your baby’s brain and eyes


  • It doesn’t contain much sugar, it’s mainly protein
  • Babies generally enjoy the taste of this formula
  • It has a high nutritional value for growing babies
  • It has a very low lactose content
  • It has some of the very best ingredients for brain development


  • It’s a little pricey
  • It expires fairly quickly after purchase

Happy Baby Organic Milk-Based Powder

Happy Family Baby Organic Stage 1 Infant Formula Sensitive, Dual Prebiotics, Stage 1 Sensitive, 21 Ounce


Created by Happy Family who specializes in creating quality organic food for babies, this product is perfect for lactose-sensitive babies who have trouble with their stools regularly.


  • The powder is made from milk sourced from cows raised on only organic farms
  • It’s rich in both ARA and DHA
  • The healthy mix of probiotics aid easy digestion for babies
  • It’s specially designed and quite reasonably-priced
  • For babies who have sensitive stomachs


  • It doesn’t contain any corn syrup
  • It’s quite inexpensive
  • You can subscribe to a service that delivers it to your doorstep every month


  • The formula is a little too foamy
  • Extensive information regarding ingredients is not available online

Love And Care Advantage Milk-Based Powder (Non-GMO)

Love & Care Advantage Non-GMO* Infant Formula Milk-Based Powder with Iron, 23.2 Ounce


This product is specially designed for infants below the age of 12 months. This rich formula is perfect for babies who have sensitive digestive systems and face problems with constipation regularly.


  • It contains DHA, Vitamin E, and Lutein
  • It does not contain any artificial growth hormones
  • It contains probiotics such as 2’-FL HMO, that aids digestion as it’s also found in breast milk
  • It meets FDA standards
  • It has been certified Kosher


  • It’s not very costly
  • The DHA it contains support healthy eye and brain development
  • It contains several essential nutrients to boost your baby’s growth
  • It helps your baby get regular, soft bowel movements


  • The container is not suitable for traveling
  • It’s not as tasty as other milk-based powders available for babies

Earth’s Best Organic Sensitivity Infant Formula Milk-Based Powder

Earth's Best Organic Low Lactose Sensitivity Infant Formula with Iron, Milk-Based Powder, 35oz.


This formula is rich in iron and is created for those first few months of your baby’s growth that are plagued by digestive issues. Since Earth’s Best is one of the most highly reputed brands in the baby food industry, it’s no surprise that this product is quite popular.


  • It contains a very small amount of lactose
  • It’s very easy for babies to digest and contains lutein to promote healthy eye development
  • It contains fatty acids (Omega-6 ARA and Omega-3 DHA) that promote healthy brain development
  • It’s certified Kosher and does not contain any artificial colors or flavors
  • It contains no traces of pesticides or fertilizers


  • It contains 95% less lactose than other milk-based powders available today
  • It helps boost your baby’s immunity
  • It’s completely organic and contains quality ingredients
  • It relieves digestion problems effectively and helps your baby sleep well
  • Babies tend to enjoy the taste


  • It contains corn syrup
  • It contains palm oil and sugar

Mommy’s Bliss Baby Constipation Ease With Probiotics

Mommy's Bliss Baby Constipation Ease with Prebiotics, Promotes Regular Bowel Movements (6 Months+), 8 Fluid Ounces (2 Bottles)


This formula is rich in probiotics and promotes regular, soft bowel movements among babies. In case your little one has been facing problems with digestion lately, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better formula than this one to give them relief.


  • It’s very easy to use, you can use the syringe to give your baby the drops
  • It’s been made using only vegan ingredients
  • It contains great natural ingredients that help regulate your baby’s bowel movements
  • It does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, yeast, dairy, or glucose
  • It’s been tested to ensure it meets all safety and quality standards required


  • The probiotics and other natural ingredients it contains greatly help improve your baby’s digestion
  • It’s completely safe to use for babies and toddlers
  • It helps soften your baby’s stools
  • It contains some unusual but effective ingredients


  • It’s only suited for babies who are 6 months and older

Joy Spring’s PottyWise Digestive Support Liquid Stool Softener

PottyWise Liquid Stool Softener for Kids - Stool Softener and LiquidLaxative for Kids - Gentle Constipation Relief for Kids, Fiber for Kids, Kids Stool Softener


This product essentially acts as a laxative for children and babies who suffer from painful bowel movements or constipation. It’s an herbal supplement that’s been known to be quite effective for babies and toddlers alike.


  • It contains some great natural ingredients such as licorice root and fennel seeds that aid healthy digestion
  • It does not contain any preservatives or gluten
  • It’s well-suited to babies, toddlers, and older kids
  • It’s a liquid supplement that makes it easy to administer for babies
  • It’s been tested by third-party labs and meets all the required quality and safety standards


  • It’s very easy to use and store
  • It’s one of the most effective formulas out there for constipation among babies and children
  • It’s a very gentle formula packed with herbal ingredients
  • It helps relieve abdominal pain among babies which helps them sleep better


  • It contains senna leaf which may not agree with all babies’ digestive systems

Wellments Organic Constipation Support

Wellements Baby Constipation Support, 4 Fl Oz


This dietary supplement works exceptionally well at relieving your baby from any digestive woes such as constipation and cramping. It contains a host of gentle herbal ingredients that promote and aid regular healthy bowel movements.


  • It contains herbal ingredients such as organic prune in concentrate form and chicory root fiber that aids bowel movements among babies
  • It does not contain any harsh laxatives that may irritate your baby
  • It’s specifically designed to improve digestion among babies and toddlers alike
  • The dispenser makes for easy administration
  • It needs to be used only until your baby’s stools have been regularised


  • It’s a gentle yet effective remedy for constipation
  • It does not contain any harsh artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • It’s USDA certified as organic
  • It’s made using the freshest natural ingredients


  • It’s only suitable for babies aged 6 months and above

Buyer’s Guide

In this section, we’ll go through some basic factors you should take into account when purchasing a formula to ease your baby’s constipation. Make sure you go through each of these products carefully to make an informed decision to determine which would be the best suited to your child’s needs.


The most important factor to consider while choosing formula to relieve your baby’s constipation is the ingredients that go into making it. Your best bet would always be opting for a formula that contains herbal, organic ingredients.

Most of the products we’ve reviewed in the previous section are rich in probiotics and essential nutrients that can ease your baby’s digestive processes.

Additional Benefits

Many baby formulas that relieve constipation such as milk-based powders also have additional benefits such as promoting healthy growth and brain development. Such formulas generally cost more than products that merely remedy digestive issues, but they can prove worth the extra money in the long run.

Opting for such formulas will ensure you’re taking a more holistic approach to your baby’s growth and development.


If you’re opting for a milk-based powder or any other product you’ll be using regularly, you’ll need to make sure it’s worth it in terms of price. Several products available on Amazon are sold in bundles or combos that help make them more affordable.

A few of the manufacturers we’ve featured in our ‘Product Reviews’ section also offers monthly subscriptions to their products that help decrease the cost overtime.


Well, there you have it – our top picks for baby constipation remedies and tips on which one you should ideally opt for. Since you may end up spending quite a bit of money on such products, it makes sense to do your research before you invest in one.

Since constipation and other digestive issues are some of the main culprits behind inhibiting your child from having a good night’s sleep, taking care of it can give your tot the forty winks they deserve. However, if your child continues to have difficulty sleeping and you’ve realized constipation is not the problem here, you could refer to our guide on how you can put your baby to sleep in no time.

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