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Travel Crib Vs Pack n Play

Overhead view of baby boy in play pen with toys

One of the most important pieces you will buy for your new baby is a crib. Crib shopping can leave new parents feeling overwhelmed with so many designs and types of cribs to choose from. While regular cribs are a popular choice, there has been a rise in “alternative” cribs recently, as Mom and Dad … Read more

Best Travel Baby Crib

newborn girl sleeps in travel crib

Traveling can be challenging when taking care of a child. That’s why having all the tools handy is such a great investment. Parents can use a wide range of tools to help make their travel experience better, but one of the best is a good travel crib when dealing with babies. There is a wide … Read more

When Should You Start Sleep Training a Baby: When, How, and Why

Baby boy sleeping at night

One of the questions that new parents are asked frequently is: “Is your baby sleeping through yet?” This causes much frustration and misery, as parents feel they are doing things wrong if their baby is not sleeping through the night by a certain age. There are many reasons why babies don’t sleep through even the … Read more

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep Without Being Held

baby sleeping on blue blanket

As a new parent, getting through your activities for the day will most likely not be as easy as possible for obvious reasons. Taking care of a newborn is one of the most tasking jobs. It requires all your attention for the most part, and you’re most probably reading this article right now to help … Read more

How to Make Learning to Read Fun

Family reading books in the library for education and entertainment

Learning never stops. Learning to read is one of the first practices that we all have to engage in on our journey to learn many other things,  whether educationally or in some other aspects of life. We’ll be one of the first people to admit that learning to read can get cumbersome and boring. It … Read more

When Should I Start Reading To My Unborn Baby?

learn how to build a child's confidence in reading

If you are a soon-to-be parent, you are probably wondering, “When should I start reading to my unborn baby?” Most people know that reading to a child at a young age has tons of benefits. It offers a great bonding opportunity and helps with the child’s brain development. Will reading provide the same benefits to … Read more

How To Teach a Child To Read Silently: A Step-By-Step Guide

how to teach a child to read silently

Silent reading is a skill that promotes comprehension and fluency. It is something that kids learn over time and at different paces. The better they become at reading, the less reliant they are at sounding out the words with their mouths. That is why knowing how to teach a child to read silently is important … Read more

When To Use A Humidifier For Baby

When To Use A Humidifier For Baby

Humidifiers are fast becoming a “must-have,” with many parents ordering them online and adding them to baby registries in growing numbers. It’s tempting to go and buy the first one you see since it’s nice to have, but don’t do that just yet! Allow us to show you a product recommendation AND fill you in … Read more