About Parenting Tipster

Hi! We are a family with young children and understand the trials and tribulations – and the utter joys – that come with being parents. Our goal is to help out parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, foster parents, and caretakers be at their best when interacting with and raising their precious young ones because we all know how important this responsibility and blessing is.

My family and I constantly have to juggle multiple types of responsibilities, from work to the care and raising of our children. Of course, this keeps us pretty busy realizing what inspired us to begin working on this blog. We wanted to help other parents be able to navigate these challenges without having to wing it at any point in time.

Our family understands the trials and tribulations of having a busy lifestyle and trying to raise your children in the best way possible. That means that we’re dealing with kids at different levels of needs, making the process even more challenging. Many people out there struggle with the same issues we have; when we saw this, we wanted to help them by utilizing our experiences. 

Creating a community where ideas and solutions can be shared with other parents that are struggling just like we were was important. We know how hard it is to be a parent. It is stressful and it is a 24-hour commitment. At any given moment you have to be there for your little one.

We understand the many questions that run through the head of parents or caretakers each day. Some of the questions we are sure to have passed through your mind include:

“Am I doing too much or too little?”

“Is using electronic devices for educational purposes going to harm my kid in any way?”

“How can I help them get ahead in life without compromising their need to just be a kid?”

Will my child be stunted socially if they do not go to every birthday party and social event?”

“What the HECK are we going to have for dinner tonight?”

You are not alone in having these thoughts and questions, and you are not wrong for thinking like this. We all have insecurities, worries, and concerns when it comes to our adequacy in raising little humans.

Having an idea of what we wanted to do, we then began looking at the best ways to do this. And, of course, this blog was the best option. With so many people looking to online resources for help in every aspect of their life, we knew that parenting had to be one of those areas in which people needed help.

So taking our experience from raising three children and having to navigate a busy life that could very well overwhelm someone, we set about creating content that would answer the questions that were being asked. We want to help other parents like us navigate through difficult times by sharing our thoughts and ideas on a wealth of different topics.

We understand every part of this! This is why we seek to be a beacon of help in the hundreds of thousands of parenting blogs out there. We’ve got you covered from topics about what to do when your child is a little bit shy, Best Activities for a Shy Child all the way to what to look for when it comes to Signs Your Child Needs Glasses, and Easy Dinner Recipes For Kids.

The most important thing about creating this blog was ensuring that we had content that was relatable to a wide range of people. So we utilized our experiences and cultivated those into posts that can help many parents struggling with work-life balance and the rigors of parenting.

We strive to create content based on our experiences and well-researched information that can give you recommendations and guidance on hurdles that you may experience. When it comes to recommendations, everything we choose to share with you has been tested by us and is the best fit for you.

We are so excited to share with you the journey of parenting. It’s not easy at all, and there will be days when your patience is tested, and days when you are so glad to be a parent. We want to be there for every single one of them and provide you encouragement, smiles, and a place to talk if you need it.

We know that by building this community, we are not only creating a safe place for parents to find like-minded individuals that can understand where they’re coming from but also creating a knowledge base that can help in times of need and frustration. After all, though being a parent is very rewarding, it is also one of the most challenging jobs there is in the world. 

Children are the most precious asset that the world has, and with parenting comes a lot of responsibilities. This can weigh on you, and we want to make it as easy as possible for the parents out there by creating articles that answer as many questions as possible.

We want to share with you the knowledge that we’ve gathered during our time as parents and hope that by doing this, we can make your lives a little bit better. Our blog will cover everything from how to handle making learning fun to getting your baby down to sleep the best way possible to motivating your child in whatever they look to do. 

Along with this, we’ll offer product reviews of items we know you will need and that we truly believe in. So no matter if you’re a parent or a caretaker, there will be plenty of information on this blog that will be able to help you ensure that you’re as well informed as possible when it comes to raising children.

So, please, add us to your favorites, make us your homepage, or pop in when you can- we’ve got so much to share and we know you will love it.

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