We Know How Hard Being A Parent Can Be…

That’s why we created this site, to help others who are struggling with the daily struggles of being a busy parent. We share advice and experiences that have helped us raise our 3 children to their fullest potential.

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LaurenHi, I’m Lauren and welcome to ParentingTipster!

We are so excited to have you along for the ride. We are blessed with three beautiful and smart kiddos that keep us on our feet each and every day. By no means are we wealthy people, but we are rich in the ways that really matter: love and family.

With three kids under seven, life gets very busy and overwhelming. They are at different stages in life, and as such require different levels of attention and care so they can have the best lives possible. Like you, we strive to do the best we can for our kids with what we’ve got.

Our goal here is to provide parents, and caretakers like yourselves, ideas and solutions for the road bumps that come up in the course of parenting. It’s the greatest job and most rewarding responsibility we’ve ever taken on, but it’s not easy at all. Us parents have to stick together and provide each other ideas to keep up with how busy life gets.

So, I want to welcome you with open arms to our home and life. We hope you enjoy what you see and that you get something good out of our articles, reviews and recipes.